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Concert & Consulting

Help with musical and technical questions of a performance

ZinkenThis offer is aimed at students and young professionals alike, as well as experienced professional or amateur musicians: be it that you prepare as a student or professional musician for an exam, a concert, a competition, or be it, that you want to learn more about understandability and impact of a new programme, or be it, that you just would like to have an outside pair of good ears to hear the sound and interplay of your ensemble / instrument in a particular or new line-up; or that you as an instrumentalist, singer, ensemble, choir or orchestra with little or no knowledge of historical performance practice, would like to join this scene and seek competent support.

In addition, we also offer interview training.

Relevant questions in this context would also be how you yourself affect your audience on stage, what impression the interactions in the ensemble or orchestra have on the audience. We also offer advice on programme concepts, texts (and their comprehensibility or attractiveness for the reader) and presentations.

All of these can be topics in a coaching process.
In this respect, we do not want to give you a general offer, but rather work with you to find a solution that is adapted to your individual situation and needs.

Please get in touch with us for more information.