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La Divina Armoniapicture Divina Armonia was founded by Lorenzo Ghielmi in 2005. All the musicians involved in the Italian group have distinguished themselves for many years in the performance of Baroque music as soloists and musicians in several of the best reknown ensembles in this field. In La Divina Armonia they‘re coming together to play music from the Baroque up to the early Classical period, playing extraordonary vividly, but in a beautifully cantabile manner at the same time. 

La Divina Armonia works with diverse soloists, but also with vocal ensembles for certain productions.

The ensemble has performed all over Europe, for instance in Italy, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, but also was invited to Japan several times. La Divina Armonia played in most of the important European festivals of Early Music as well as concert series, like Serate Musicali di Milano, Bozar Brussels, Concertgebouw Bruges, Les Arts Renaissants Toulouse, Salzburg Bach Society, Oslo Church Music Festival, Utrecht Early Music Festival, where in 2017 they‘re invited as artist in residence with several concerts.

In 2009, la Divina Armonia gave the modern premiére of the Passio secundum Joannem (Naples 1744) by the composer Francesco Feo, rediscovered and edited by Lorenzo Ghielmi, and achieved a great recording success with this masterpiece of the Italian Baroque, which they performed also on an European Tour. 

Numerous CD-productions have been published during the last years, amongst them chambermusic by Bach or concerti for violin and organ by Haydn. A CDs with the Handel organ concertos Op. IV and the Haydn concertos received diverse awards, including a Diapason d‘Or, whilst Vol. II of the Handel organ concertos even was awarded with the prestigious Diapason d‘Année in 2013. Also the most recent CD, with concerti and Bach's cantata BWV 209, released in summer 2016, was received very enthusiastically by audience and critics.

SONUS about La Divina Armonia:

La Divina Armonia is an ensemble which impresses through his musical vitality. All the musicians are very experienced with their repertoire, thus the concerts of Lorenzo Ghielmi and his musicians are always stylistically and theoretically well-founded and as authentical as possible - be it Bach, Feo, Handel, Haydn; well-known or newly discovered music.
Naturally the ensemble plays at the highest technical level, whithout making the musical aspects suffering under this versatility; La Divina always sounds lively, accentuated and acts with Mediterranean verve.

But the very special feature of this group is first of all their wonderful lyrical way of playing, the extremely cantabile, vocal impression of their music-making, deriving from a mixture of perfect phrasing, a very special sort of articulation, consciously chosen tempi and the extraordinary well-blended sounds of the musicians. La Divina Armonia is always singing - also in purely instrumental music!

Audio samples

Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto e major for violin, BWV 1042 - Allegro assai

Georg Friedrich Händel: organ concerto B major op.IV, Nr.2 - Adagio e staccato

Georg Friedrich Händel: organ concerto B major op.IV, Nr.2 - Allegro ma non presto

Francesco Feo: Passio secundum Joannem - excerpt

Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata g minor for flute and harpsichord, BWV 1020 - Allegro assai
Jan De Winne - traverso
Lorenzo Ghielmi - fortepiano

Johann Sebastian Bach, Recitativo from: Non sa che sia dolore, BWV 209
with Alice Rossi - soprano

Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria from: Non sa che sia dolore, BWV 209
with Alice Rossi - soprano

JS Bach: Concerto A major for harpsichord, BWV 1055

Excerpt from Johann Pachelbel: Partita No. 2 in c minor - live

Girolamo Frescobaldi: Jesu, Rex admirabilis

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