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Agency for Early Music

July 2017

Baptiste Romain: Professorship in Schola Cantorum Basiliensispicture Baptiste Romain

The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, one of the most important institutions for early music in the world, has appointed Baptiste Romain as a professor. We congratulate!

On 1 September, Baptiste succeeded Randall Cook as professor for string instruments of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, and in the future will teach many young musicians on his instruments, for example the fiddle and the Renaissance violin. In addition to his mastery of these instruments also his intensive musicological research around them and their repertoire doubtless played an important role in the appointment - a research which also is reflected in practical as well as in musicological regards on his CD The Birth of the Violin.

Here you can hear him with a piece from the Buxheimer organ book from this CD:

Le Miroir de Musique: new CDpicture CD Le Miroir de Musique

And here it is, the fourth CD of the still young ensemble Le Miroir de Musique under direction of Baptiste Romain: Johannes Tinctoris - Secret Consolations!
On this CD the ensemble devotes itself - in a rather big cast of eight singers and four instrumentalists - to Johannes Tinctoris (ca 1435-1511), who today primarily is known for his treatises, but who in his time belonged among the most respected composers.

Baptiste Romain's choice of pieces particularly is showing Tinctoris's enormous versatility (which also is giving a lot of pleasure to the listener), as he wilfully decided to choose works from the different stations of Tinctoris's live for Secret Consolations, from Cambrai, Liège and Naples: French and Italian songs, mass movements and instrumental pieces.

Listen here to a O virgo miserere mei from the CD:

And here you can find a trailer of the CD on our YouTube Channel.

June 2017

And once more: Breathtaking!picture Breathtaking

Breathtaking, the wonderful programme with soprano Hana Blažíková and cornetto virtuoso Bruce Dickey has already gone a long way: the two musicians and their collegues have already presented this dialogue between voice and cornetto in severak European countries, as well as in the USA and Canada, - and now also in the Czech Republic.

On June 26th they performed it together with Mieneke van der Velden, viol, Jakob Lindberg, theorbo, and Kris Verhelst, harpsichord, at the Concentus Moraviae festival in the magnificent Rittersaal of Pernštejn Castle. A perfect space for the extraordinary and highly virtuoso pieces of this program, which also delighted the Czech audience very much.

Listen here to a piece from the Breathtaking-CD, Niccolo Corradini's Spargite flores:

Lorenzo Ghielmi: Rezital in Thomaskirche Leipzigpicture Lorenzo Ghielmi

It was not only a beautiful, but also a very interesting programme, which Lorenzo Ghielmi played on the Bach organ of the Leipziger Thomaskirche on 15 June, featuring Martin Luther's Vater unser im Himmelreich in organ works of the North German School.

On the programme of this concert in the framework of the Leipzig Bach festival were for example compositions by Bruhns, Buxtehude, Böhm, and, of course, Bachs himself, most of whom were referring to Luther's song.
A wonderful program, an excellent performance!

Listen to Lorenzo Ghielmi here in a live recording of another concert with a part from BWV 526:

Phantasm in Musikfestspiele Potsdam-Sanssoucipicture Phantasm

In the sold-out Palmensaal in the New Garden of Potsdam-Sanssouci castle viol consort Phantasm directed by Laurence Dreyfus performed their stylistically suiting programme Smoke on the water on 13 June.

With five viols they played works from the viol repertoire of the English 16th and 17th century - amongst others by Matthew Locke and Henry Purcell - in front of an extremely concentrated and attentive audience.

Here you can get an impression of this programme with William Byrd's Prelude and Goodnight Ground:

Furthermore you can get a very good impression of the concert in a review on RBB broadcast, which you can listen to here.

La Galania at Tage Alter Musik Regensburgpicture La Galania

It was their debut concert on the Tage Alter Musik Regensburg, and it was a great success when Raquel Andueza and her group La Galania played their programme Yo soy la Locura (I am the madness) on Whitsunday, June 5, in the beautiful Reichssaal.

In the spirit of this provocative title Raquel Andueza and here five comrades of La Galania enthused the hall - be it with the title piece of the programme, or with the narrative-intense Jácara de la trena, which you can enjoy here in a video on our YouTube Channel from the concert.

And here you can experience this madness in an audio sample:

Ars Antiqua Austria in Jerusalempicture Ars Antiqua Austria

Coulours of Cultures was the title of the programme which Ars Antiqua Austria directed by Gunar Letzbor presented on 2 June in the Henry Crown Auditorium in Jerusalem.

The concert, taking place in the framework of the Israel Festival Jerusalem, focused on works of the Austrian Baroque, with for instance works by Weichlein, Bertali, Vejvanovsky and Biber; thus the core repertoire of the group, which was honored by the Israeli audience with prolonged standing ovations.

Listen here to an excerpt from the programme, Romanus Weichlein's Encaenia Musices!

May 2017

Alex Potter & friends on tourpicture Alex Potter

Five concerts in five days time: it was a busy schedule, which countertenor Alex Potter and his Kirsty Whatley, harp, Frauke Hess, viol, and Michael Fuerst, organ, followed on their tour in the Netherlands from 15 to 20 May.

They started this series of concerts, organised by the Netwerk Oude Muziek Utrecht, in the Waalse Kerk in Amsterdam, went to Delft, Westzaan, Dronten and Deventer then, and presented their programme Heavenly Love to an enthuastic audience at all these places, with music by amongst others Grandi, Sances, Schütz, Purcell and Buxtehude.
The central theme of the programme: all these works count theoretically as sacred music - but at the same time they're highly emotional declarations of love - to Jeses, Mary, God. Seen the enormous expressivity of those pieces and their compositorical avant-garde character, the ensemble posed the question here, whether they differ from secular love declarations of early Baroque at all?

Listen here to Alex Potter's exceptionally expressive was of interpretation in an aria from Bach's St. Matthew Passion in a video on our YouTube Channel.

April 2017

Phantasm at Musica Antiqua Nürnbergpicture Phantasm

It was about masterworks of the art of polyphony, the programme, viol consort Phantasm directed by Laurence Dreyfus played on 26 April in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg, invited by broadcast station Bayerischer Rundfunk, in the framework of the concert series Musica Antiqua.

The four viol players performed music by Ferrabosco and Locke, from Tomkins to Mozart, and gave once more proof of the fact that this rather sophisticated and complex music nevertheless can also completely enthuse an audience, which is not specialised in this sort of repertoire.
The concert was recorded by the BR and was broadcast on 4 May in their programme BR Klassik.

Enjoy here a counterpoint from Bach's Art of Fugue, which was part of the programme:

Per-Sonat: Codex Cyprus in Cypruspicture Per-Sonat

They didn't carry coals to Newcastle, but music from the Codex Cyprus to Cyprus: as part of the programme of the European Cultural Capital, Pafos2017, ensemble Per-Sonat, directed by Sabine Lutzenberger presented on 18 April their programme Mer amère. This programme focusses on the cultural exchange between France and Cyprus in 15th century, which manifested above all in the Codex Cyprus, one of the very few music manuscripts handed down to us from the island.

The concert with Sabine Lutzenberger, Tobie Miller, Liz Rumsey and Baptiste Romain in the Ayia Kyriaki church in Pafos was a huge success, as this music is still rather unknown in Cyprus.

Listen here to a piece from this programme, the anonymous Je vous suppli tres dousse rose from Codex Cyprus:

Phantasm in Eszterhazy castlepicture Phantasm

A stylish ambiance, an easterly programme: On Easter Sunday, 16 April, violconsort Phantasm under direction of Laurence Dreyfus gave its first concert in Eszterhazy Castle in Hungarian Fertöd.

In the Haydn-hall of this magnificent building the four viol players performed their new programme In Nomine, which demonstrates, how composers like Christopher Tye, William Byrd or Thomas Tallis up to J.S. Bach and W.A. Mozart transformed their spirituality and religiosity in music. zeigt, wie Komponisten verschiedener Jahrhunderte ihre Spiritualität und Religiosität in Musik gossen.

Here you can enjoy a piece from the programme, William Byrd's Sermone Blando:

Splendorous cooperation: Per-Sonat and Concerto Palatinopicture Per-Sonat and Concerto Palatino Hofkirche

Music by Heinrich Isaak, Ludwig Senfl and Orlando di Lasso was on the programme, which the ensembles Per-Sonat and Concerto Palatino played together in their first common project, on 9 April in the beautiful Baroque Hofkirche in Innsbruck. Five wonderful singers, five splendorous winds - and a fantastic cross section of vocal music of the late Renaissacne: that was purest pleasure to listen to!

The concert under the title O you poor Judas took place in the framework of the Osterfestival Hall in Tirol, which entirely focused on the biblical persona of Judas this year.

And the next cooperation of these two ensembles is settled already: enjoy it on 29 August 2017 at 15h at the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht!

Hana Blažíková in Monteverdi operaspicture Hana Orfeo

The 450th birthday of Claudio Monteverdi inspired soprano Hana Blažíková to dedicate herself this year particularly to his works, and so are the female chief parts of Monteverdi's three operas, Orfeo, Poppea and Il ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria inscribed in her agenda for 2017: from April until October, from the easterfestival Aix-en-Provence, to the Opéra de Paris, Teatro la Fenice in Venice, the festivals in Berlin, Luzern, Edinburgh and Salzburg, the Harris Theatre Chicago till the Lincoln Center New York and several other venues.

In this Hana participates at the Monteverdi 450-tour of John Eliot Gardiners, who's directing all these semi-staged performances with his Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra .

But you can also experience these operas at full length if you don't want to visit one of the performances: they were recorded by Ozango at beautiful teatro La Fenice in Venice and the videos are available on Culturebox until the end of 2017. Enjoy for instance here Hana in the roles of La Musica and Euridice in Orfeo!

March 2017

Phantasm and Dunedin Consort pay hommage to Gibbonspicture Phantasm

Invited by and together with singers from Scottish Dunedin Consort Phantasm, directed by Laurence Dreyfus will render homage to Orlando Gibbons' works on 29 March in the Cannongate Kirk in Edinburgh. The concert focuses especially on the pieces the composer had written as a member of the Chapel Royal for the (only!) visit of James' VI of Scotland (I of England) in 1617.

On the programme there are furthermore consorts and anthems by Gibbons for singers and up to six viols, but also consort songs as The Silver Swan or Go from my window.

Listen here to Orlando Gibbons' Fantasia a6 (MB 33), a piece from the programme for Edinburgh.

Per-Sonat: Bingen in Bingenpicture Per-Sonat

»Er küsse mich mit dem Kuss seines Mundes...« is the title of the programme which Per-Sonat presented on 21 March, the International Day of Early Music, in the Johanneskirche in Bingen: a musical dialogue between Hildegard von Bingen and Bernhard von Clairvaux - on one hand the ecstatic compositions by Hildegard with their enormous ambitus, on the other hand the sober, nearly unornamented chorals of the Cistercians.

WWith this combination of the idiosyncratic compositions by Hildegard von Bingen and the chants of the order of Bernhard von Clairvaux, the Cistercians, focused on chasteness and purism, Sabine Lutzenberger, Tobie Miller and Witte Weber wanted to emphasize the musical dispute, in which this two grand personalities of the 12th century were engaged - particulary as this aspect of their dialogue is far less known than their correspondence.

Here you can receive an impression of Hildegard's figural way of composition, in an excerpt from her antiphone O splendissima gemma:

Breathtaking on tour in Hollandpicture Breathtaking

It seems to be a neverending success, which soprano Hana Blažíková and cornetto player Bruce Dickey experience with their programme Breathtaking, recently also released on CD: whilst generally it's rather unusual in Early Music that a programme is performed more than once or twice in the same version - as the repertoire is so vast and the themes of the presenters so varied - Breathtaking proved to be an exception of this rule. After several much acclaimed concerts in Germany and Europe the musicians also went on a tour through Canada and the US; and now it was the Netherlands they were touring.

From 14 to 19 March Hana and Bruce presented Breathtaking in Almere, Utrecht, Leeuwarden, Deventer, Maastricht and Bloemendaal in the framework of the concerts of the Netwerk Oude Muziek Holland.

Enjoy here some foretaste of the concerts with a duet from Alessandro Scarlattis opera Rosinda ed Emireno:

Membra Jesu Nostri with splendorous castpicture concert Berlin

An extraordinary programme with exquisite cast: in collaboration with Concerto Melante, the only ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic, consistently playing on authentic instruments, viol consort Phantasm with Laurence Dreyfus and the singers Hana Blažíková, Barbora Kabátková, Alex Potter, Charles Daniels and Harry van der Kamp performed Buxtehude's wonderful cycle of cantatas Membra Jesu Nostri.
But not only: in order to emphasize the meditative character of this composition, which was explicitely meant as Erbauungsmusik by Buxtehude, the musicians placed his grandest oratoric work in a new context. Between the seven cantatas they presented pieces from the English consort-repertoire for viols, particularly such with sacred titles as In nomine or Rubem quem viderat, which are - though instrumental compositions - inviting the listener to reflect about the content of the (virtual) texts.

The concerts took place on 4 March in the Philharmonie Essen, on 5 March in the Stiftskirche Diez, on 8 March in the Philharmonie Berlin and on 11 March in the Philharmonie Köln.

February 2017

Per-Sonat: CD-recordingpicture Per-Sonat

Songs of Becoming and Passing will be the title of the new CD, which Per-Sonat under direction of Sabine Lutzenberger has recorded between 14 and 16 February in the concerthouse of Blaibach, in collaboration with the Bavarian Broadcast (BR), Studio Franken.

On this new recording the five musicians dedicate themselves to sacred and secular songs of the time of Reformation, in which the influence of this religious upheaval on ethical and moral aspects of the society is clearly discernable: music by Martin Luther, Ludwig Senfl, Orlando di Lasso and Johann Hermann Schein, performed with Renaissance viol and violin, lute, viola d'arco and voice.
The CD will be released on 1 September 2017 on the label Christophorus.

Enjoy here a piece by Senfl in a live-recording of a concert by Per-Sonat: Unser Pfarrer ist auf der Bahn:

Boreas Quartett Bremen in Antwerppicture Boreas Quartett Bremen

On 9 February young recorder consort Boreas Quartett Bremen made the hearts of the audience resonate with their programme Il flauto Magico in Antwerp's AMUZ.

The four charming musicians Jin-Ju Baek, Elisabeth Champollion, Julia Fritz and Luise Manske enchanted their listeners with an evening of contrasts: many flutes, swift changes, vibrant moderation and magical consort sound. On the programme were works by Eustache du Caurroy, Hans Leo Hassler, Thomas Tallis, Byrd, Bach, Palestrina and others - also several contemporary compositions were involved, for instance one by Piet Swerts.

Listen here to an excerpt from the programme: Piet Swerts Flashing Flutes!

January 2017

Phantasm in Mexico and the USpicture Phantasm

Polyphony on tour: from 17 to 31 January violconsort Phantasm directed by Laurence Dreyfus was traveling through Mexico and the US. Nearly all their concerts of this cross-continent tour were sold out and the response of the audiences was between enthusiastic and overwhelming. In Mexico City, for instance, where the concert was graciously sponsored by the Goethe Institut, the queue in front of the Auditorio Blas Galindo of the CENART was longer than 100 metres: it seems that music for viols is striking a chord in Mexican and American listeners, even - or especially - in politically frustrating times.

Besides Mexico City the four musicians played their programme Pearls of Polyphony with music by Alfonso Ferrabosco up to JS Bach amongst others in Doheny Mansion Los Angeles, Frick Collection New York, Oyster Bay, Johnny Carson Theatre Lincoln, Saint Cloud and at the Bach Society Oregon. Several of the concerts were recorded by placely broadcast stations.
Furthermore the musicans gave various masterclasses.

Listen here an excerpt from the concert in New York, which radio WQXR New York kindly placed at our disposal: Richard Mico's Fancy no.5 a4:

Linda Nicholsons most recent CD: Diapason d'Or!picture CD cover

Discovering the Piano is the title of Linda Nicholson's most recent CD, just released on the renowned Flemish Early Music label Passacaille, with partly unknown, but all the more fascinating works for fortepiano by Scarlatti, Paradisi, Platti, Soler, Giustini, Alberti and young Handel. All this wonderful music gives proof of the fact that this instrument, which was only invented around 1690, was far better known and popular by the middle of the 18th century than we had assumed so far.

Linda also did let herself inspire for this felicitous CD by an instrument built by Denzil Wraight: the copy of an early 18th-century Ferrini-fortepiano from Italy. The particularly smooth, sweet sound of this model complements Linda's lucid and clearly phrased, but immensely cantable way of playing in the most beautiful way - and makes all the more obvious, why at most courts and even in the houses of the wealthy of the time fortepianos were standing rather shortly after this instrument was invented, already.

And it seems that the fortepiano - and particularly Linda's handling of the same - still nowadays highly attracts the listeners, as the CD was awarded with the highly coveted Diapason d'Or in the month after its' release! Congratulations!

Listen here to Lodovico Giustinis Corrente from the Sonata no. I in g minor:

December 2016

Gerlinde Sämann: Christmas Oratoriopicture Gerlinde Sämann

JS Bach's Christmas Oratorio and Jan Dismas Zelenka's Magnificat in D sang Gerlinde Sämann in two conerts on 17 and 18 December in the Stadtkirche Bad Cannstadt with the Bachchor Bad Cannstadt.
The musical direction of the concerts was in the hands of Jörg-Hannes Hahn.

Listen here to Gerlinde on one of the most recent of her CDs, which were released, with Bach's Ich bin ein guter Hirt, BWV 85.

And of course you can get acquainted with Gerlinde Sämann on our YouTube Channel as well!

November 2016

New at Sonus: Le Miroir de MusiquePicture Le Miroir de Musique

Le Miroir de Musique, directed by Baptiste Romain: that's Middleages to feel with. When these musicians, specialised in medieval and early Renaissance music devoted themselves to a certain topic or composer they always do this with both, their heart and their head. Thus one can enjoy profound research and new, authentical insights in repertoire which often was forgotten for hundreds of years, but on the other hand experience truly enthusing and thrilling performances; of which the success of the young ensemble's three CDs gives proof as well.

Baptiste Romain of course is well-known to most friends of medieval music already as one of the world's best players on fiddle, Renaissance violin and bagpipes, also in various other ensembles, which use to invite him regularly for concerts and recordings. But in Le Miroir de Musique he now realises his own ideas and projects - be it a programme around the invention of courtly love, one around the birth and childhood of the violin in the Renaissance, or one around lay brotherhoods as harbingers of the Reformation.

Listen here to Filippo de Lurano's Salve, Sacrata.

And of course you can get to know Le Miroir de Musique on our YouTube channel as well!

Breathtaking on tour in USA and Canada picture Breathtaking-CD

The programme is widely travelled in the meanwhile - and from 28 October till 13 November soprano Hana Blažíková and cornetto virtuoso Bruce Dickey were on tour through the US and Canada with Breathtaking, which recently also was released as CD. They played amongst other places in Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego and New York City. And - no wonder - also the audiences of the New World were absolutely excited about the concert!

The next opportunities to experience Breathtaking live will be in spring 2017, when the musicians will tour the Netherlands between 14 and 19 March. Concerts will take place in Almere, Utrecht, Leeuwarden, Deventer, Maastricht and Bloemendaal.
You can find more information (and even buy tickets) here, on the website of the Organisatie Oude Muziek.

Enjoy a duet between cornetto and soprano from Alessandro Scarlatti's opera Rosinda ed Emireno:

David Munderloh records new solo-CDpicture David Munderloh

After David Munderloh's first solo-recording with songs by John Dowland - which was highly acclaimed because of his wonderfully expressive interpretation of the texts and the deliberate naturalness of his voice - the tenor just recorded another CD, and the first cut makes us looking forward with joyful anticipation: David approaches also this new repertoire in an exceedingly lyrical and poetical way, plays with finest vocal means of expression, congenially accompanied by Julian Behr, lute, and Silvia Tecardi, viol.

This time David dedicated himself to works by Henry Lawes (1595-1662), one of only two musicians, Charles I of England, patron of the arts, would give the honour of placing his hands upon their shoulder while they sang and played; the other one was John Wilson. Lawes's emotionally hugely impressing and multilayered works, entitled by himself simply as songs, are nearly unknown today, let alone released on CD - which at least partly is doubtless because there is no realized tablature for the lute, just a simple bass line where the innovation and invention is left to the player. And this is a demand which not so many musicians are able to fulfill.
But also Lawes's collegue John Wilson is honoured on this recording, with some of his lute-preludes, which in their unique melodic and harmonic language produce remarkable effects and are especially suitable as interludes between the songs.

Listen to a first impression of the first cut with Lawes's I'll tell you how:

October 2016

LaReverdie celebrates 30th birthday with Marco PoloPicture laReverdie in Venedig

It hardly seems credible, but it is a fact: laReverdie celebrates its 30th birthday this year! Happy Birthday!

This joyful event was acclaimed suitably ceremonious with two performances of their great new programme Marco Polo on 29th and 30 October in the Auditorium Squero on the isola San Giorgio in Venice.
In these concerts they followed the trail of the medieval globetrotter on his journey throughout Asia to China at the end of the 13th century: the Orient, described from the perspective of a knightly singer-poet. This appealing mixture was translated by laReverdie into music with accordingly extraordinary cast - from occidental instruments of the Middleages to the Persian kamancheh and the Indian tablo.

Their next performance of this programme on 4 December was broadcasted as livestream on the Italian RAI Radio3.

And here you can enjoy the trailer of the project on our YouTube Channel!

Organ concert Brussels with Lorenzo GhielmiPicture Lorenzo Ghielmi

The numerous b's of the North German organ school did find highly lyrical and fond treatment in a concert by Lorenzo Ghielmi on 26 October in Brussels.

Invited by the concert house Palais des Beaux-Arts (or in short: BOZAR) the organ virtuoso played works by Bruhns, Buxtehude, Brunckhorst, Böhm and - of course - Bach, at the splendorous Grenzing-organ of Brussel's cathedral.
The concert was recorded by the Belgian broadcasting station KLARA, where it will be broadcast before long.

Here you can listen to Lorenzo Ghielmi with an excerpt of Bach's Triosonata BWV 526:

And for Ghielmi-fans to prebook: at the next Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (25 August - 3 September 2017) Lorenzo Ghielmi will be present several times - solistically as well as with his group La Divina Armonia - as artist in residence of the festival. On 25 August at 8pm they'll open the festival for instance with two Bach cantatas and several organ works in the great hall of the Tivoli Vredenburg concert house!

Per-Sonat in MoscowPicture Per-Sonat Moskau

Hildegard von Bingen - Music of a Saint and a Healer was the title of the programme, performed by Per-Sonat in their debut concert at the festival Musica Mensurata Moscow. On 8 October responsories, antiphones and hymns of the medieval saint sounded in the cathedral St. Peter and Paul, with Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano, and Baptiste Romain, fiddle and bagpipes.

The day after that the two musicians were invited to give a masterclass at Moscow Conservatory around Hildegard's music: a wonderful and unique opportunity for the about 25 students participating to get to know and to love the works of the German mystic!
The travel to Moscow was kindly sponsored by German Goethe Institute.

Enjoy an impression of Sabine's Hildegard-interpretation with an excerpt from the antiphone O splendidissima gemma:

September 2016

New at Sonus: Wolf Matthias Friedrichpicture Wolf Matthias Friedrich

We are delighted to represent in the future with Wolf Matthias Friedrich a bass singer, who brings along all good qualities needed for a singer, who's busy with early music - and even some more: he masters his warm and rounded, very agile voice with flawless technique, but is also able to sing formidably fine in spite of his enormous volume, so that also coloratures are highly pleasurable to hear with him.
Worldwide reknown particularly for his Bach interpretations Wolf also feels at home in early Baroque or Romantic, as well as in contemporary music. Furthermore being also an experienced opera singer, he's often praised for his acting-skills, too.

Recent activities include for instance two concerts with the Brockes passion by Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel with il Gardellino, directed by Peter Van Heyghen, or a CD recording with Concerto Melante, the only ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, consistently playing on period instruments. With them he recorded music by Georg Philipp Telemann for the 500th anniversary of Reformation next year.

Here you may listen to Wolf Matthias Friedrich:

Please also visit him on our YouTube channel!

Phantasm: Vivacello and CD recordingpicture Phantasm Tye-recording

No, they didn't change their instruments - but nevertheless viol consort Phantasm, directed by Laurence Dreyfus, was invited to play a concert in the Vivacello festival in Liestal, Switzerland, on 24 September. There they performed their excellent Shakespeare programme From Shakespeare - with viols: Music to praise the Bard with six viols and music by - amongst others - Byrd, Dowland, Gibbons and Tomkins.

In the days prior to that the ensemble was busy to record their next CD: after the great success of their most recent recording, Dowland's Lachrimae (»Resident in Berlin, the English-Finnish viol consort Phantasm have rendered this hour of music in a manner befitting their name – fantastically...«, for instance the Süddeutsche Zeitung from Munich cheered), one may look forward now to their interpretation of Christopher Tye's complete consort music; to be released on Scottish label Linn-records in 2017.

Listen to Orlando Gibbons's Peascod time, a piece from the Shakespeare programme:

Carmina Burana with laReverdiepicture laReverdie

»They trundle through the world, study the artes liberales in Paris, the litterae humaniores in Orléans, law in Bologna, medicine in Salerno and the magical arts in Toledo - and nowhere they learn morality!«, as the abbot of the monastery of Froedmont ranted in early 13th century against the intellectuals of his time: wandering students and scholars, poets and litterati, polyglot and partly with brilliant academic careers, who were at home at all the universities of Europe and exchanged views and knowledge on their journeys. And furthermore were the authors of the collection Carmina Burana. What might have annoyed the abbot so much were probably the satiric irades against the abuses of the clergy, which are to be found in the Carmina...

Ensemble laReverdie presented some of this satiric songs and neo-Catullian poems with five musicians in a wonderful concert on 18 September in the crypte of Speyer Cathedral, in the framework of the festival Via Medieavel. With a lot of charme and a twinkle in the eye!

Enjoy here Procurans odium from the Carmina Burana collection:

Ars Antiqua Austria: Four Seasons - finally...picture AAA Vivaldi

Vivaldi's Quattro stagioni may belong among the most frequently played works on today's concert stages. Because of this in early music circles they have the reputation to be a bit too mainstream to be interesting any more. This was the reason that Gunar Letzbor with his ensemble Ars Antiqua Austria had hesitated a long time to record these concerti, and also to present them in a concert.

But lo and behold: now it's done! Gunar explains why and how in the booklet of the CD which lately was released on Challenge Classics (enriched with a violin concerto by Frantisek Jiránek).
Almost at the same time as the CD came onto the market Ars Antiqua Austria performed the cycle on 3 September in the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht: an absolutely captivating experience for the audience!!

Listen here to a track of the new CD.

Breathtaking CD!picture Breathtaking-CD

Ardently longed for by numerous fans - in begin of September it was finally released, the CD Breathtaking: virtuosic, splendidly brilliant, but also beautifully melodious music from Italy around 1700 for cornetto and soprano with Hana Blažíková and Bruce Dickey.

And the CD confirms how absolutely fascinating it is, to listen to a voice and a cornetto entwining each other musically - and to how vocally a cornetto player can play, how instrumentally a soprano can sing.
The musicians also will be on tour with this programme several times during the following years, for instance in March 2017 and in May 2018. Single dates are still available for concerts!

Here you can listen to Sigismondo D'India's Langue al vostro languir:

August 2016

Concerto Palatino in Festival Oude Muziek Utrechtpicture Concerto Palatino

Today Francesco Cavalli is known for his operas mostly and one easily forgets that he also wrote plenty of wonderful sacred music. Concerto Palatino, directed by Bruce Dickey and Charles Toet brought this to the mind of their audience in an evening concert in the big hall of the Vredenburg in the framework of the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht, performing Cavallis vespers.

For this Bruce Dickey had chosen gorgeous motets for up to eight singers and fifteen instruments from Cavalli's collection musiche sacre as well as splendid canzonas (one of them for two cornets and eight trombones - some veritably rare cast!) and arranged them in the order of the vespers for a feast in honour of the virgin Mary, like it might have been sounded in a mass in San Marco in Venice in 17th century: extraordinarily great and colourful music full of brilliance and finery, but also including a lot of intensely intimate and strongly atmospheric moments.

Here you can find a video of a piece from the concert on our Youtube-channel, giving some impression of the grandeur of this music.

Alex Potter: recital in Utrechtpicture Alex Potter in Utrecht

La Serenissima, the republic of Vencie, was the theme of the Festival Oude Muziek 2016, the biggest early music event in the world. On 29 August countertenor Alex Potter sang a recital here with works of two somewhat seldomly played composers from the laguna: Giovanni Legrenzi and Giovanni Rovetta. Together with a string ensemble under direction of first violin Lidewij van der Voort Alex presented several sacred motets, featuring his qualities as a singer in the very best way: wonderful intensity of sound, perfect phrasing and intonation, excellent articulation and presentation of the text as well as always marvellous expressivity.

But Alex being the singer and musician he is of course had pondered this programme a bit more, than just looking for nice pieces and string them together. This didn't seem him appropriate for a concert with sacred music and so he connected the pieces with some Gregorian antiphones and furthermore the string players performed canzonas and sonatas of the two composers between the motets - what in a way conveyed the impression of listening to a musical mass.

Listen here to some live impression of the concert with Rovetta's Salve Regina:

Laurence Dreyfus at Gstaad Menuhin Festivalpicture Laurence Dreyfus

It's very likely he was the first treble viol player ever on the stage of the Menuhin-Festival Gstaad: on 18 August Laurence Dreyfus appeared here together with Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Anthony Romaniuk in the church of Lauenen.

On the programme was music from a whole millennium, starting with the Winchester Troper (created around the year 1000) via Balades by Guillaume de Machaut and music by Orlando Gibbons up to JS Bach and contemporary works.

Here you can watch an excerpt of a rehearsal for this project on YouTube.

Furthermore from 25 to 30 August Laurence Dreyfus taught in a masterclass in Franconian Schloss Seehaus.

Hiro Kurosaki, the pastry chefpicture Hiro Kurosaki

»Imagine a box of delicious chocolates: each one has another form and colour, also the filling is different. Some are more sweet, others less sweet, some melt creamily on your tongue, some crunch like brittle in your mouth. They all are masterly composed nuggets for the senses. That‘s how I experience Georg Philipp Telemann‘s Fantasias for Solo Violin: a delicate compilation, an exuberant variety of ideas and emotions, concentrated in genial reduction for one solistic instrument. Simply mouth-watering!!!« - this is how violinist Hiro Kurosaki describes Georg Philipp Telemann's Fantasias for Solo Violin.

On 16 August he performed these pieces, invited by the Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik, in the Nikolaus-chapel at Ambras castle. A concert which surely quickened the appetite of the audience for more of Telemann's chamber music!

A recording of the concert was distributed on 30 August on the Austrian classical broadcast station ORF1.

Phantasm in Finland and in Radovlijca Festivalpicture Phantasm Vantaa

Two wonderful opportunities to present their core repertoire in top form took viol consort Phantasm under direction of Laurence Dreyfus on 9 August in the Vantaa Baroque Festival in Helsinki, Finland, and in the Early Music Festival at Radovlijca castle in Slovenia.

On the programme were suites by Matthew Locke as well as some of the Royal Consorts by William Lawes for four viols and lute.

Here you can watch a video with impressions from the rehearsals in Radovlijca from a Slovenian TV station.

And enjoy here some videos from former appearances of Phantasm in Vantaa!

Breathtaking!picture Breathtaking rehearsal

In St. Severus, Boppard, cornettist Bruce Dickey and soprano Hana Blažíková had planned to present a concert with their wonderful project Breathtaking which they had developed together in 2015 and also recorded on CD.

Unfortunately Hana fell ill and couldn't sing in this concert of the festival Rheinvokal. But happily Canadian soprano Suzie LeBlanc could pitch in at short notice - and so it indeed became a different approach to the repertoire in the end, but this was not less charming and brilliant: a truly excellent performance of a unique programme, which enthused the audience not only because of its virtuosity but also because of its numerous heartfelt moments.

Radio station SWR2 recorded the concert and had it broadcast on 3 November.

July 2016

Concerto Palatino in German Lausitzpicture Concerto Palatino

Music from the Schadäus Promptuarium was on the programme of a concert of Concerto Palatino directed by Bruce Dickey in the framework of the Lausitzer Musiksommer.

On 24 July the ensemble played in the sold-out church St. Anna in Kamenz a selection of motets from this large collection, which contains more than 400 works from the typical repertoire of churches and cathedrals in early 17th century - some of them from well-known composers (as Palestrina, Gabrieli or Hassler), but others also from nowadays nearly forgotten authors, as Simonis Gatti or Asprilio Pacelli. All these pieces have been collected and edited in four big volumes by Abraham Schadäus.

A great programme, a splendorous concert in a wonderful church!

Phantasm: Lachrimae CD just releasedpicture Phantasm Lacrimae cd

They waited more than 20 years to record it, but now it's out: Phantasm's recording of John Dowland's Lachrimae.
As we had expected from this group this recording - as many of Phantasm's CDs before - became an eye-opener for Dowland's fascinating collection, featuring the music in an absolutely fascinating way. Which immediately found admirers in the specialised press, of course: »If you didn’t already know the words from Dowland’s songs, you could almost recreate them from the playing.Seven lachrimae, then the Galliards – the leaping dances favoured as morning exercise by Elizabeth the 1st – the Almans and Pavans from Dowland’s manuscript, made to work as a sequence, not just as individual numbers…listening to this recording end-to-end is an absolute pleasure.«, as BBC 3 jubilated in a first review.

You can find some more information about the CD, the music, and why Phantasm waited so long to record this core repertoire for viols in a video with Laurence Dreyfus talking about it here on YouTube.
The same collection was on the programme of a concert by the viol consort which took place on invitation of Magdalen College Oxford on 4 June in venerable Holywell Music Room Oxford.
In conjunction with a Study Day on John Dowland to mark the acquisition by Magdalen College of one of the handful of extant copies of the original print of Lachrimae (and other songbooks), Magdalen College has invited its former consort-in-residence (2010-2015) to perform Dowland’s complete collection

Here you can listen to an excerpt from the CD:

German-Italian recital Lorenzo Ghielmipicture Lorenzo Ghielmi

Italian flair was brought to the Lausitz on 16 July by Lorenzo Ghielmi: in the idyllic church in Crostau he played a recital on the harpsichord, with works by JS Bach, Georg Boehm and Domenico Zipoli: Alla maniera Italiana.

Count Christian Heinrich von Watzdorf, patron of the village and church of Crostau, was a personal acquaintance of Tomaso Albinoni and an explicite music lover, who sponsored a Silbermann-organ for the parish in Crostau; thus the Mediterranean focus of the programme seemed obvious. Unfortunately the organ is just under restauration this year, so Lorenzo had to explore the musical relations between Baroque Italy and Germany on the harpsichord.

Listen here to a live impression from the concert - a movement from Bach's Concerto in stile Italiano:

Per-Sonat: Roman de Fauvel in the castle of Engerspicture Per-Sonat

It was in a rather classy ambiance where Per-Sonat with Sabine Lutzenberger presented their new programme around the Roman de Fauvel: in the framework of the festival Rheinvokal they presented music related to this satirical novel of the middleages at Schloss Engers. Moderator Katharina Eickhoff explained and commented on the texts and its background in witty lecture parts.

The concert was recorded by radio SWR2 and will be broadcast on 30 October after 10pm - also online.

June 2016

La Divina Armonia: New Bach-CD!picture La Divina Armonia

It makes the listener think of sunshine cast in sound, this youngest CD of La Divina Armonia, which just was released on Flemish label Passacaille: rarely one can hear Bach played in such a lucid and cantabile, rhytmically-volatile and intense, swinging and lyrical way!

Directed by Lorenzo Ghielmi, who also plays the harpsichord the ensemble recorded concerts by Bach for violin, flute and harpsichord as well as the tripleconcerto BWV 1044 and the cantata Non sa che sia dolore. Lorenzo Ghielmi, Alice Rossi, soprano, Jan De Winne, traverso, and Mayumi Hirasaki, violin, present their listeners fireworks of virtuosic effortlessness, paired with technical mastery and refinement.

Here you can listen to the Allegro from Bach's harpsichord concerto BWV 1055 as first impression:

Boreas Quartett Bremen on tourBoreas Quartett Bremen

Two months full of concerts for the four young ladies of Boreas Quartett Bremen: from end of May and the end of June the recorder quartet was on tour, as pricewinner of the Deutsche Musikwettbewerb of the Deutsche Musikrat. They played concerts in different places from the Black Forest up to the North Sea, for instance their programmes Il Flauto Magico, Die Kunst der Fuge, but also their new children's concert Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten.

Listen here to what the audiences of their concerts are so enthused about:

By the way: the four musicians just presented their youngest programma Mr. Luther dances - secular music from Martin Luther's time.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more details!

May 2016

Hildegard in Brussels with Per-Sonat and Ordo VirtutumOrdo Virtutum

One full day around Hildegard von Bingen: the famous concert house Bozar in Brussels on 21 March once again gave proof of it's courage of also offering others than mainstream programmes - and a refined taste in the choice of the interpreters: both, ensemble Ordo Virtutum, directed by Stefan Morent, as well as Per-Sonat with Sabine Lutzenberger and Baptiste Romain were amongst the (three) ensembles performing on this day.

In the Kapellekerk Brussels Ordo Virtutum once more presented the programme of their tour through the Netherlands in April, with works by Hildegard and Hermann der Lahme, whilst Per-Sonat - belonging among the most noted Hildegard-interpreters at least after their enthusiastically acclaimed Hildegard-CD was released in 2013 - performed an evening with exclusively music by the Germain saint and healer.

Enjoy here a piece by Hildegard with Per-Sonat:

Breathtaking: first cut of Breathtaking CD Breathtaking

Before long fans of Hana Blažíková and Bruce Dickey can rejoice and enjoy: the first cut of their CD Breathtaking just arrived - and over short the CD will be released.

A concert with this programme on 6 August in Boppard, in the framework of the festival Rheinvokal, will take place without Hana, unfortunately. But in her place Canadian soprano Suzie LeBlanc will sing together with Bruce Dickey - a worthy replacement! Still, there's a tour planned for March 2017 with several Breathtaking-concerts in Holland; then with Hana again.

Listen here already to Sigismondo D'India's Langue al vostro languir as an appetizer for the CD:

April 2016

Schubert with David Munderloh and Joshua RifkinBild David Munderloh

Franz Schubert's Lied cycle Die schöne Müllerin was on the programme of a concert with tenor David Munderloh and Joshua Rifkin, piano, which took place on 6 April in Basel, Switzerland.

The two musicians presented the 20 songs by Schubert, which they both have studied and were fascinated by them for years, in the Schmiedezunftsaal in Basel: a wonderful challenge for two extraordinary musicians, whose approach to this repertoire is rather individual, but doubtless perfectly well-grounded!

Here you can listen to some live impression from the concert:

Ordo Virtutum on tour through the NetherlandsBild Ordo Virtutum

Music by Hildegard von Bingen and Hermann der Lahme, who very much inspired Hildegard, will ensemble Ordo Virtutum directed by Stefan Morent perform in eight concerts from 17 to 24 April in the Netherlands.

One of the special points of these concerts is that though one is used to hear most of this music, which Hildegard has compiled in the famous Codex Dendermonde, sung my female voices today, Ordo Virtutum will focus on male singers. As Hildegard had listened to the monks of the monastery in Disibodenberg herself and actually had given her codex to the Cistercians in Villers as a present, Stefan Morent hypothesises that she herself had the sound of male voices in her ear at least partly and that this music of course was sung by men.

The concerts will take place in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Maastricht and Utrecht, among other cities. Here you can check the itinerary and order tickets.

Ars Antiqua Austria: new CDpicture Ars Antiqua Austria

Here it comes, the youngest 'baby' of violinist Gunar Letzbor and his ensemble Ars Antiqua Austria: Accordato!
The recording features music from a manuscript of the Minorite Monastery in Vienna from late 17th century, which - as one of the most important sources of Austrian Baroque music - contains works by Biber, Viviani, Schmelzer and Bertali, amongst others. The common element of all these pieces: extreme virtuosic demands!

Gunar Letzbor masters this demands with his familiar easyness and grace - and particulary delights in all the surprising tone painting effects and experimental compositional ideas of these works and thus presents an perfectly entertaining, but at the same time very sophisticated hour of music.

Enjoy here a first impression of this wonderful CD, exemplifying the multifaceted and surprising sort of repertoire which is recorded here!

March 2016

Laurence Dreyfus: portrait on Bavarian classical radioBild Laurence Dreyfus

He spoke about himself, his artistical and scholarly activities and the music he loves: on 31 March Laurence Dreyfus was interviewed on Bavarian classical radio BR Klassik in the 60 minutes broadcast "Klassik Plus".
Here you can find more information.

By the way: from 25 to 30 August 2016 one of the rare masterclasses with Laurence Dreyfus will take place in the lovely Seehaus castle, near Nuremberg. Click here for some details!

Ensemble Villancico on BR KlassikBild Ensemble Villancico

One year after the appearance of Ensemble Villancico, directed by Peter Pontvik, in two concerts with live broadcast in the Lange Nacht der Alten Musik, an Early Music event of the Bavarian classical radio BR Klassik in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremnberg, one of these concerts was broadcast again.

On 25 March the programme snow in fire was on BR Klassik.

La Divina Armonia: on tour in Netherland and Belgiumpicture La Divina Armonia

Starting on 8 March Baroque orchestra La Divina Armonia directed by Lorenzo Ghielmi, who also is the organ soloist in these concerts, will tour the Netherlands and Belgium with music by Arcangelo Corelli and Georg Frederic Handel. These two similarly celebrated composers were aquaintances and collegues in 18th century Rome - and partly also rivals, of course.

On the programme are some of Corelli's Concerti Grossi next to organ concertos by Handel (ornamented by Lorenzo Ghielmi with his gorgeous improvisatorical skills!), which La Divina Armonia has released on two CDs during the last years - recordings for which the ensemble received several prizes and awards, amongst others the Diapason d'or d'année.
Until 13 March they will perform this programme in Brussels, Maastricht, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Dronten and Vlissingen

The concert on 10 March from Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht is broadcast live on Radio MAX. Here you can listen directly - or afterwards!

Here you can find further information and the possibility to order tickets on the website of the Netwerk Oude Muziek Utrecht.

PHANTASM in Oxford, London - and live on BBC 3picture PHANTASM

On 2 March viol consort PHANTASM with Laurence Dreyfus once again returned to Oxford - the place where they've been ensemble in residence for the decade 2005-2015: together with the Choir of Magdalen College Oxford they were playing in an Evensong in the chapel of the College.
A service, by the way, to which one also can listen to afterwards on the BBC 3 website till the end of March.

On 4 March PHANTASM was on air live again: they appeared on BBC Radio 3's live drive-time programme In Tune, with a bit of talk with Laurence Dreyfus as well as some music by William Lawes and Henry Purcell from the studio. Also this programme is available online till 1 April. Have a look here - Phantasm starting at 7:20.

This also may be seen as a sort of appetiser for PHANTASM's concert on 7 March in Wigmor Hall, London, the second concert of their Purcell-series at Wigmore hall with works for up to seven viols by Purcell, Gibbons, Jenkins, Lawes, Ward and Parsons.

Sabine Lutzenberger: St John passion with Frieder Berniuspicture Sabine Lutzenberger

For the first time singer Sabine Lutzenberger will appear with the Kammerchor Stuttgart and the Stuttgarter Barockorchester under direction of Frieder Bernius on 21 and 22 March; a collaboration to which she's looking forward very much.

In two concerts in Italian Brixen and Bolzano she'll sing the alto arias in Bach's St John passion - and with this once more will give proof of the astounding flexibility and versatility of her wonderfully smooth voice: as mezzosoprano with very easy high notes and powerful but pressureless lower ranges she's likewise at home in soprano parts in works by Monteverdi or Caccini or in alto parts in Handel or Bach.
And always she fascinates with her special strengths, as to sing perfectly in tune, to meticulously focus her voice on what is important in a phrase and to shape and express the music sensibly according to the text.

Listen here to a piece by Bach from a live performance of Sabine.

February 2016

Ars Antiqua Austria in Clermont-Ferrandpicture Ars Antiqua Austria

Two very well-received concerts with a selection from Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber's Rosary sonatas were given by Ars Antiqua Austria with Gunar Letzbor, violin, on 2 and 3 February on invitation of La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand in France. The musicians convinced with their usual thrilling, intoxicating and extremely charismatic way of playing.

Gunar Letzbor traveled with four violins for this programme - otherwise they couldn't have performed these rather virtuosic and sophisticated works in one evening, as each of them demands another tuning on the violin.

Accordingly the enthusiasm of the audience was very intense. Listen here, why!

Lorenzo Ghielmi on tour in Japanpicture Lorenzo Ghielmi

For two weeks is organ and harpsichord player Lorenzo Ghielmi on tour in Japan, delecting his - in the meanwhile rather numerous - Japanese fans with a series of concerts in venues up to 2.000 seats, which were all sold out so far.

His tour started with solo recitals in Mito, Gifu and Tokyo, furthermore he's playing several duo-concerts with violinist Mayumi Hirasaki.
His organ recital on 11 February will even be broadcasted by Japanese TV.

Here you can retrace what the Japanese keyboard-lovers are so enthused about.

Bruce Dickey in USA and Mexicopicture Bruce Dickey

Since 30 January cornetto-player Bruce Dickey is touring the US and Mexico. His performances started in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, toghether with Julliard 415 and Jordi Savall, followed by concerts with organist Liuwe Tamminga at the Oaxaca International Organ and Early Music Festival in Mexico, as well as in several places in the US like Arizona, Palm Springs, Eugen, Tacoma or Cleveland.

On the programme there are works Bruce Dickey had recorded on his recent CD La Bella Minuta, combined with Spanish and Mexican organ music. A very thrilling repertoire actually, as in these pieces the cornetto becomes a part of the organ in a way, playing the highest part of the polyphonic writing, which he - we're speaking of Bruce Dickey! - of course highly ornamented.

Enjoy here an impression of his wonderful diminutions!

January 2016

London Fortepiano Trio in Salzburgpicture London Fortepiano Trio

Mozart in Salzburg with the London Fortepiano Trio - that was a pleasure for eyes and ears, as Hiro Kurosaki, violin, Herbert Lindsberger, alto, and Linda Nicholson, fortepiano, not only performed in the Tanzmeistersaal of Mozart's home in Salzburg, but even on his original instruments: starting from his violin up to his Walter-piano!

Their concert took place on 30 January in the framework of the festival Salzburger Mozartwoche. On the programme there was the Duo c major for violin and alto by Mozart's friend Johann Michael Haydn, Mozarts Sonata in e flat for piano and violin, K 481, as well as the Trio in e flat for Piano, clarinet (here performed with violin, though) and alto, K 498, the so-called Kegelstatt-Trio.

Listen here to a piece of Mozart with the London Fortepiano Trio - not with alto, though, but with Martin Fritz, cello.

Sabine Lutzenberger sings Caccini-operapicture Sabine Lutzenberger

From 28 January till 1 February one could enjoy soprano Sabine Lutzenberger in a part which seemed to be tailored on her so wonderfully focused and dense voice: she sang the role of Melissa in Francesca Caccini's opera La liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola d'Alcina.

The concert performances of this piece took place in the AMUZ Antwerp, the Conservatoire in Brussels, the Chateau de Versailles and the Herkulessaal Munich, and with Sabine there sang and played the singers and instrumentalists of Huelgas Ensemble, directed by Paul Van Nevel.

Phantasm in Viennapicture PHANTASM

It was about guardian angels and scapegoats, the highly enthusing concert that PHANTASM performed on 20 January in the Konzerthaus Vienna in the framework of the festival Resonanzen. The consort, directed by Laurence Dreyfus revealt in this programme how music at all times reacted on historical events and how composers took part - or didn't.
The concert was recorded by the Austrian radio ORF 1 and broadcast on 2 February.

Furthermore there's - fortunately - no end in sight with the awards and prices for PHANTASM's youngest CD with The Royal Consort by William Lawes, which the viol consort under direction of Laurence Dreyfus had released last summer: after the recording was chosen CD of the week or of the month by several broadcast stations and music magazines in Europe already shortly after the release (among others BBC 3, BR, mdr, DR Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy...) there followed various awards from the US, New Zealand and Australia. A rather impressing echo for a CD with English consort music!

At the end of 2015 we also learned that it was honoured as CD of the Year by Limelight, the Australian music magazine, and that it was chosen among the three finalists for the BBC music magazine awards 2016. The winner will be proclaimed on 5 April.

Enjoy here what critics and audiences are so enthused about!

Laurence Dreyfus: recent Bach research in Parispicture Laurence Dreyfus

Actualités de Bach was the title of a conference at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Dance in Paris, where on 11 and 12 January scholars from various countries came together to present and discuss recent topics of the research around Bach.

Amongst the lecturers was Laurence Dreyfus, who was invited to present his own important research work, stated in his book Bach and the patterns of invention (Harvard University Press) and debate his theories with collegues and students.

December 2015

Phantasm: awards from three continentspicture PHANTASM

There's - fortunately - no end in sight with the awards and prices for Phantasm's youngest CD with The Royal Consort by William Lawes, which the viol consort under direction of Laurence Dreyfus had released this last summer: after the recording was chosen as CD of the week or of the month by several European broadcast stations and music magazines shortly after the release already (among others BBC 3, BR, mdr, DR Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy...) there followed various awards from the US, New Zealand and Australia. A rather impressing echo for a CD with English consort music!

At the end of the year we also learned that it was honoured as CD of the Year by Limelight, the Australian music magazine, and furthermore it was chosen among the three finalists for the BBC music magazine awards 2016!
Here you can give your voice for Phantasm.

And here you can detect, what the reviewers are so enthusiastic about!

La Divina Armonia: first cut of new CDpicture La Divina Armonia

It'll really be great: we just received the first cut of La Divina Armonia's new CD, to come out in summer 2016: directed by Lorenzo Ghielmi the ensemble recorded Bach's concerto for harpsichord A major, the triple concerto A minor, the E minor violin concerto (soloist: Mayumi Hirasaki) and the cantata Non sa che sia dolore, sung by young soprano Alice Rossi, with Jan De Winne, traverso.

Once more one can experience on this CD what makes La Divina Armonia so extraordinary: technical perfection and musical intensity, thanks to the exactly proper melange between mediterranean temperament and elaborate cantability.

Here you can enjoy a foretaste: a recitativo by Bach which - in spite of its' brevity - gives a wonderful impression of this thrilling production.

November 2015

Hana Blažíková and CordArtepicture Hana Blazikova

It was an appropriate ambience for a brilliant concert: on 28 November soprano Hana Blažíková and ensemble CordArte (Daniel Deuter - violin, Heike Johanna Lindner - viola da gamba, Markus Märkl - organ) performed their programme O Jesu dulcis in the beautiful Protestant church in Saxonian Dippoldiswalde.
The concert took place in the framework of the festival Sandstein und Musik, and the musicians presented German Baroque cantatas and sacred concertos by composers such as Schop, Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Krieger and Biber. A feast for the senses!

Here you can listen to a piece from the CD by Hana Blažíková and CordArte, which contains several of the works of this programme.

Lorenzo Ghielmi: masterclass in LeipzigBild Lorenzo Ghielmi

From 17 to 21 November Lorenzo Ghielmi gave a masterclass on the performance practice of Johann Sebastian Bach's organ works.
The course, organised by the Bach Archiv Leipzig also served to prepare young organists for their participation in the the Bach Competition 2016.

On the programme for the public lessons, which took place in the Hochschule für Musik in Leipzig, were preludes and fugues, sonatas and Orgelchoräle of the Thomas cantor. The results of the intense work on this music were presented finally in a concert on 22 November.

"Breathtaking": CD recording and concertBild Hana und Bruce

Pure happiness for cornetto player Bruce Dickey, soprano Hana Blažíková, and her colleagues Veronika Skuplik and Catherine Aglibut, violin, Jakob Lindberg, theorbo, Mieneke van der Velden, viol and Kris Verhelst, harpsichord and organ: for one week they worked in Antwerp on a recording of the CD of their programme Breathtaking - a CD, which - once released - certainly will range among the best that has ever appeared in the field of this repertoire!

The programme included works by composers such as Corradini, Palestrina, Scarlatti and Sances, but also a very audience-friendly piece written specifically for this project by Greek composer Calliope Tsoupaki.
No surprise thus, that the concert that concluded the week in Antwerp's sold-out AMUZ on 27 November immensely enthused the audience. The so wonderful complementary sounds of soprano and cornetto, the richness of colours and the emotional diversity of the music played electrified the audience irresistibly. Here you can get a first impression of this magnificent duo on YouTube. By the way: It's still a concert date in the tour of the program on 05.08.2016 and more during a tour in 2017 available (6.-13.8.)!

Here you can get a first impression of this magnificent duo on YouTube.
By the way: there's still one concert date left in the tour of the programme on 5 August 2016, and more during a tour in 2017 available (6-13 August)!

October 2015

La Divina Armonia: Passione NapolitanaBild La Divina Bronnbach

In a concert on 10 October Lorenzo Ghielmi and his ensemble La Divina Armonia once again presented some of the hidden treasures still to find in Neapolitan archives - which in most cases are closed for the public since several decades. La Divina's programme with Neapolitan compositions in the concert series Bronnbacher Klassik featured Mary's afflictions in Lamentations by Feo and Gasparini, Sonatas by Avitrano and Pergolesi's famous Stabat Mater, performed in the splendorous church of the Abbey of Bronnbach.

Most of the works played in this concert together with the young singers Daniela Gerstenmeyer (soprano) and Anja Schlicht (alto) were detected by Lorenzo Ghielmi by chance in the inheritance of a musicologist from Switzerland. So for instance Feo`s Lamentazione a voce sola di soprano was performed here for the first time since about 300 years.

Laurence Dreyfus: Take Two releaseBild Laurence Dreyfus

The new album Take Two of renowned violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja was first introduced to press and audience in Berlin on 5 October. On this CD she musically explains to her daughter what music is about, in particular the important role of communication in music. For this she invited some of their musical friends to play duos with her - repertoire from the Middle Ages through Renaissance and Baroque, up to contemporary music.
Together with Laurence Dreyfus, treble viol, she played works by Machaut, Gibbons and from the Winchester Troper - also at the release event of the CD on 5 October in the Berlin Club A-Trane.

Here you can get an idea of ​​the intensity of this cooperation: In the video of a concert, in which the two musicians performed a fantasy of Gibbons in a concert in September 2014 in the Berliner Philharmonie.

Linda Nicholson: keyboard subtletiesBild Linda Nicholson

It was a rare opportunity: on 3 October keyboarder Linda Nicholson played two 18th-century instruments, a tangent piano and a Hass clavichord from 1767 from her own collection of historical keyboard instruments in a Recital at the Art Workers Guild, London. This programme, designed to contrast the many colours, musical capabilities and technical requirements of these extremely sensitive instruments included works by Mozart, Haydn and Handel as well as less familiar repertoire by Paradisi, Platti and Wagenseil.

The concert - which gained a lot of interest in advance already and was attended with very intense concentration by the audience - was recorded by BBC radio and will be broadcast on 29 Nov at 2pm UK-time on BBC 3.

Here you find some audio samples of Linda Nicholsonby on the BBC artist page of the keyboard virtuoso.

il Gardellino in Brussels, Korea and South AmericaBild il Gardellino

What a splendid evening: on 1 October Flemish ensemble il Gardellino, directed by Marcel Ponseele, presented their new Bach-programme in the Bozar Brussels: the solo cantatas BWV 146, 52 and 51, with soprano Sophie Karthäuser along with several solo concertos and the Brandenburgische Konzert Nr.5.

Beside from Karthäuser and Ponseele also Jan De Winne, traverso, Mayumi Hirasaki, violin and Lorenzo Ghielmi, organ, performed solistically in this concert, and presented a really fantastic evening to their listeners. The concert was recorded by the Flemish classical radio KLARA.

One week later the ensemble traveled to South Korea, where they played concerts in Daejon and from 28 October to 4 November il Gardellino is touring in Chile and Argentinia, performing music by various Baroque composers in amongst others Valparaiso, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.

September 2015

CD recording La Divina Armoniapicture La Divina Armonia

Concerti by Bach, virtuosically played, lyrically well-wrought: look forward to the new CD which ensemble La Divina Armonia, directed by Lorenzo Ghielmi at the harpsichord, just has recorded in an acoustically perfectly suitable church in Peglio, Italy.

The recording includes Bach's concerto for harpsichord A major, the triple concerto A minor, the E minor violin concerto (soloist: Mayumi Hirasaki) and the cantata Non sa che sia dolore, sung by young soprano Alice Rossi, accompanied by Jan De Winne, traverso.
The CD will be released in summer 2016 on the Flemish label Passacaille.

Listen here to a movement from the last recording of the ensemble with works by Bach.

Phantasm: Scottish successespicture Phantasm and Tenebrae

Lammermuir is one of the most beautiful regions in Scotland and furthermore the home of a very appealing festival, inviting its visitors into old churches and splendorous country houses. PHANTASM was a guest of this festival with two programmes this year.

On 18 September the consort, directed by Laurence Dreyfus, played a late night concert with Bach's Kunst der Fuge in St Mary's church in Haddington, where they performed instrumental works and - together with British vocal ensemble Tenebrae under Nigel Short - verse anthems by Orlando Gibbons.

Both concerts received truly eulogistic reviews, for instance in The Guardian, The Scotsman or on Artsdesk, and the collaboration gave so much pleasure to both the ensembles that they're just starting to plan further common projects.
Please contact us for more information!

"Breathtaking": crowdfunding campain!picture Hana and Bruce

It's indeed a breathtaking project, which Hana Blažíková, soprano, and Bruce Dickey, cornetto, are preparing at this moment: with breathtaking - a voice and a cornetto entwined one may look forward to some jewels of Italian Baroque for soprano and cornetto, which were forgotten for centuries. And which will be performed by two of the best musicians in their respective subjects worldwide.

In works by composers like Corradini, Palestrina, Sances or Scarlatti, but also in a Nigra sum by Greek composer Calliope Tsoupaki, written especially for this project, the two musicians - accompanied by two violins and a continuo group - show their audience, how close voice and wind instrument are to each other. And how beautiful and inspired are the pieces written for this appealing cast.

The programme will be recorded on CD and performed in concert for the first time in November. But rehearsals, travels and recording expenses have to be funded somehow and thus Bruce Dickey started a crowdfunding campain on Indiegogo:
Here you can support the project and find more information about it.

Here you can get a first impression of this fantastic duo on YouTube.

Hiro Kurosaki in Utrechtpicture Hiro

A thrilling function, which Hiro Kurosaki was very pleased to perform: he was invited to work with Collegium Musicum Den Haag as concert master, violin soloist and coach for the string players on music by Handel, Pieter Hellendaal and Willem de Fesch. The latter two are Dutch-born composers who though were working in London as collegues of Handel and violon virtuosos. Their compositions are accordingly virtuosic and demanding for the string section of an orchestra.

The result of these three days of rehearsals was presented in a concert directed by Claudio Ribeiro on 2 September in the Geertekerk Utrecht, in the framework of the Festival Oude Muziek.
The concert was recorded by Concertzender Nederland.

Boreas Quartett Bremen: first CD!picture CD Tye

It's the first CD of Boreas Quartett Bremen and it really became a terrific one: on In Nomine the four young recorder players - together with Han Tol as fifth player - dedicated themselves to the In Nomine-pieces of Christopher Tye (1498-1573).

The recording was released on 15 September on the label cpo and leaves nothing to be desired musically and technically. The pieces swing and breath, the four young ladies and Han Tol play together accurately and homogeneously, and with their lucidous way of playing and excellingly pure intonation they're creating an atmosphere which is sometimes meditative, sometimes somberly detached from the world, sometimes glowing with vitality and joie de vivre.
Recorder consort at its best!

Here you can assure yourself of the qualities of this CD.

August 2015

PHANTASM in Utrechtpicture Lawes-CD

England, my England was the theme of this year's edition of the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht - a theme, which suited viol consort PHANTASM perfectly well, of course.

On 30 August the ensemble, directed by Laurence Dreyfus, presented several setts from William Lawes's The Royal Consort there. With this actually they quoted from their youngest CD, which was released in May and ranges on the first ranks of English Classical Charts since then. And it was a programme which with its rhythmic energy convinced even consort-beginners amongst the listeners of the enormously freshening qualities of this music.
The concert took place at 10:30pm in Hertz, Tivoli Vredenburg. Concertzender Nederland recorded it for a later broadcast.

Enjoy here an impression of this wonderful - though possibly not really sleep-inducing - programme!

On 31 August Laurence Dreyfus also gave a public masterclass around English consort music for young viol players. The result was presented afterwards in a fringe concert.

Breathtaking: record on facebookpicture Hana Blazikova

Breathtaking 3.700 clicks on the first day - if you were of the opinion so far, that music by unknown Italian composers from around 1700 for soprano and cornetto is something for specialists and Early Music-nerds, this record may possibly motivate you to reconsider your idea: the preview-video of the first rehearsals for the project breathtaking - a voice and a cornetto entwined with Hana Blažíková, soprano, and Bruce Dickey, cornetto, reached 3.700 views in barely 24 hours after it went online.

No wonder, though - watch here the video, which has enthused the facebook community so immensely!

In November 2015 this catchy programme will be recorded on CD and for the first time sound in a concert as well, before the musicians will tour with it in 2016 and 2017. Don't hesitate to contact us for possible dates, if you're interested in breathtaking!

PER-SONAT in Laus Polyphoniae Antwerppicture PerSonat

Petrus Alamire (1470-1536) was a scribe, editor, diplomat, mining specialist and spy, made and wrote music furthermore - and the gorgeously decorated manuscripts from his workshop often are the only source for works by composers like Josquin, de la Rue or Isaak today.
To this sparkling personality the festival Laus Polyphoniae in Antwerp dedicated its whole festival edition this year, and there PER-SONAT directed by Sabine Lutzenberger mustn't be missed, of course, as the composers, immortalised in Alamire's manuscripts, belong to the core repertoire of the ensemble.

A special appeal of their concert on 22 August at 10:15pm in Antwerp's AMUZ lied in the fact, that they performed motets from a manuscript, which emperor Charles V gave to Raymund Fugger in Augsburg - but of which the Superius-part got lost. According to this situation Sabine Lutzenberger and her collegues sought for other sources for these pieces and - when there were none - wrote a Superius part themself in the style of the time.

Thus they didn't only present works from early Renaissance in Antwerp, but also several premieres. A thrilling experience!

Lorenzo Ghielmi: trilogy in Bachwoche Ansbachpicture Lorenzo Ghielmi

Three times Lorenzo Ghielmi in this year's Bachwoche Ansbach - on organ and fortepiano:

On 4 August at 7:30pm Lorenzo gave a concert at the Wiegleb organ in St. Gumbertus with music by Bach and his teachers Georg Böhm and Dieterich Buxtehude.
On 5 August at 3pm he presented chamber music by Bach, his son Carl Philipp Emanuel and Abel, together with his brother Vittorio, viol. In this concert in the Prunksaal of the Residence Ansbach he played on the copy of a fortepiano by Silbermann, of which the original is to find in the Germanische Nationalmuseum Nürnberg.
On 6 August the programme of an evening concert included an excerpt from the Well-Tempered Clavier II - again on the organ by Wiegleb in St. Gumbertus.

All three concerts were recorded by radio BR Klassik. The chamber music programme will be broadcast on 5 September at 6:05pm; for the other recordings the dates of broadcast will be published soon.

Enjoy here an impression of the wonderfully lyrical and thrilling organ playing of Lorenzo Ghielmi!

PHANTASM in France and Finlandpicture Phantasm

Two times Bach: viol consort PHANTASM presented - under the expert guidance of Bach researcher Laurence Dreyfus - two concerts with the art of fugue of the great Thomas cantor at the beginning of August.

On August 5 at 8pm the work sounded in the company of Mozart's arrangements of Bach fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier for string quartet in the Church of Millay in the Bourgogne, in the framework of the festival Le Vent sur l'Arbre.

On August 7 at 8:30pm the four gambists played Bach's fugues in BRQ Festival Vantaa in Finland.

Listen here to how exciting this work - which often is assessed to be dry and academic - sounds with PHANTASM.

July 2015

il Gardellino in South Americapicture il Gardellino

Long journey, big success: with a programme featuring Georg Philip Telemann & friends Flemish ensemble il Gardellino around Marcel Ponseele, oboe, and Jan De Winne, traverso, toured in South America, together with recorder player Peter Van Heyghen.

From 12 to 19 July the musicians traveled through Uruquay and Colombia, performed amongst other places in Medellin and Montevideo, where they also held a masterclass for young musicians from the South American Baroque scene.

Here you can enjoy an impression of il Gardellino's Telemann interpretation.

PHANTASM: Dowland's Lachrimaepicture Phantasm

After the overwhelming echo of the most recent CD release (William Lawes's The Royal Consort) of viol consort PHANTASM under direction of Laurence Dreyfus the ensemble just recorded the next CD during the first days of July: John Dowland's Lachrimae, together with Elizabeth Kenny, theorbo.

It took them three nights of hard work, until ensemble leader Laurence Dreyfus was satisfied with their interpretation of this core repertoire for viols - and one may look forward to this CD (which will be released in May 2016 on the Linn Label) with great suspense, as Dowland's Gaillards and Pavans might appear in a new and doubtless rather exciting light here, thanks to PHANTASM's uniquely intense and energetic approach to this music.

Listen here to an excerpt from the first edit.

Bruce Dickey in Sasha Waltz's Orfeo in Berlinpicture Bruce Dickey

After the premiere in autumn 2014 in Amsterdam and performances at the Bergen festival in Norway and in Baden-Baden Sasha Waltz's highly praised production of Monteverdi's Orfeo was invited to the Staatsoper unter den Linden in Berlin from 1 to 6 July.

The cornetto in these performances together with the Freiburger Barockorchester and the Vocalconsort Berlin directed by Pablo Heras-Casado was played by Bruce Dickey - as in most cases, when some Monteverdi opera with an all star cast is on the programme anywhere in the world.

Listen here to Bruce playing a solo piece for cornetto - and you'll know why...

June 2015

laReverdie in Potsdampicture laReverdie

The twelve gardens is the title of a devotional text, written by St. Catherine of Bologna around 1435, in which the spiritual journey of a soul is depicted, travelling through various allegorical gardens to the unity with Christ.
After extensive research the musicians of laReverdie underlayed this wonderful text with compositions, which were in use in Catherine's monastery in those days, and in this way conceived a Laudes like it could have been sung there actually in Catherine's time.

Friends of medieval music could experience this mystically inspired Laudes for the last time on 25 June in the Ovid gallery of the Neue Kammern Sanssouci, in the framework of the Musikfestspiele Potsdam-Sanssouci.

PHANTASM in the charts - and in Wigmore Hallpicture Lawes-CD

On 21 May the youngest CD of viol consort PHANTASM with Laurence Dreyfus was published on the British Linn label - and William Lawes's The Royal Consort is a CD which makes the listener start up from his chair. To our amazement it was #2 in the UK Specialist Classical Charts for the week of 23-30 May 2015, and - what's even more startling - #9 in the Classical Artist Albums!
Viol consort beats André Rieu - who would ever dream of this...?

Furthermore the BBC 3 as well as German classical radio mdr Figaro and the Danish classical radio chose this recording for CD of the week, with reviews like »the best viol consort of the Western hemisphere« or »Phantasm is simply unique«. What an echo!

Enjoy here an impression of this intoxicating dance music - with which the ensemble will tour in 2016, by the way.

Aside from the CD PHANTASM also received enthusiastic reviews for their last live performances: on 8th June they played their farewell concert as ensemble in residence at the University of Oxford and Magdalen College Oxford in Holywell Music Room.
On 9 June they gave a concert in Wigmore Hall London - England's most dignified address for chamber music - with music by Henry Purcell.

PER-SONAT: love and roses in Potsdampicture PerSonat

Young Amant enters a paradisic garden and falls in love - with a rose. Which, though, doesn't accept him as her lover without a certain objection...
This is - in short - the plot of one of the most famous novels of the history of literature: the romance of the rose, which first was published in 13th century France and which should inspire poets and musicians for extraordinary works during more than two centuries.

Sabine Lutzenberger and her ensemble PER-SONAT gave an impression of these masterly works - amongst others written by Machaut, Solage, and diverse troubadours and trouvères - in their concert on 19 June in the festival Musikfestspiele Potsdam-Sanssouci. The concert took place in the historical Ovid gallery.

Enjoy here a piece from this fascinating musical-literary programme.

il Gardellino: winds in Stockholmpicture il Gardellino

A dream of a programme in the framework of Stockholm Early Musik Festival around Marcel Ponseele, oboe, and Jan De Winne, traverso: on 5 June il Gardellino played a concert under the title Coulours of the winds in the German Church in Stockholm.
They presented concerti by Händel, Franz Benda, Marcello, CPE Bach, Vivaldi and Fasch, thus some highlights from the repertoire for woodwind instruments alongside with some lesser known valuables.

Here you may listen to a movement from the Marcello concert, to understand the enthusiasm of the Swedish audience.

May 2015

PHANTASM in Regensburgpicture Phantasm Reichssaal

Palpable suspence in viols: English consortmusic from Tye to Purcell for five viols is on the programme of a concert with PHANTASM and Laurence Dreyfus at the Tage Alter Musik Regensburg. With their extraordinary energy, thrilling rhythms but also meditative moments, perfect playing in tune and wonderful expressivity they enchanted their audience on 25 May in the historical Reichssaal.

Enthusiasm also amongst the reviewers of the festival: Bavarian broadcast (BR) even praised the consort as »the best viol ensemble of our days« and another critic complimented PHANTASM's concert as »the hightlight of the whole festival«.

Joshua Rifkin and Concerto Palatino in Regensburgpicture Concerto Palatino

The Vespro della beata Virgine of Claudio Monteverdi is a well-known masterwork. But the evening-long sequence of choral and solo pieces to which we have become accustomed has little to do with what the composer intended. The conductor and scholar Joshua Rifkin has gone back to the original print of 1610 to discover what Monteverdi had in mind. Together with Concerto Palatino, the leading ensemble for Italian music around 1600, he presented a new vision of this supposedly familiar music in the festival Tage Alter Musik Regensburg on 24 May.

There, rather than mixing things that Monteverdi never meant to go together, they restored each element of the 1610 publication to its proper place, starting with the Missa in illo tempore, with which the collection begins, at 2pm, performing the Concerti Sacrae Concentus, at 5.30pm and ending with the Psalms, hymn, and Magnificat of the Vespers liturgy at 10.45 pm - always in the Dominikanerkirche Regensburg.

Next to the wonderful winds and strings of Concerto Palatino one enjoyed especially the splendorous singer cast, with amongst others Nele Gramß, Gerlinde Sämann, David Munderloh, Charles Daniels, Jan Van Elsacker, Julian Podger, Markus Flaig and Harry van der Kamp. What made the critic of the Süddeutsche Zeitung to entitle his review »In Regensburg the marvel of Monteverdi happened« and to end with the simple words »a miracle«.

The first two concerts were recorded by Deutschlandfunk as well as BR Klassik and are broadcast on 9th (BR), respectivly 26th (DLF) of July.

PER-SONAT: new CD!picture Walther-CD

Walther von der Vogelweide is regarded as one of the most important singers of the Middleages. He was an accomplished poet, but at the same time also a pityless critic of social deficiencies, singing of courtly love as well as of unrightful behaviour of kings, pope and clergy: a treasure of medieval poetry - for which only very few melodies were passed down to us, though, so that Walther's gorgeous songs are rather seldomly performed nowadays.

A welcome challenge for ensemble PER-SONAT around soprano Sabine Lutzenberger: for their newest CD they sang Walther's poetry partly on his own melodies, partly on such of his contemporaries and some tunes they even composed themselves in a stilistically appropriate form - a felicitous melange between history and vital performance practise.
The result is an extremely lively CD, presenting Walther's multi-faceted personality in often funny, but also touching and passionate or furious sounds - in short: a compilation of simply beautiful music!

Here you may get an impression of the new CD.

PHANTASM in Bruges and Oxfordpicture Phantasm

For their debut in the Concertgebouw Bruges the musicians of PHANTASM under Laurence Dreyfus invited their listeners to a very amusing and diverting journey through 150 years of English contrapuntal excessiveness in the evening of 15 May.
On the programme: works by Christopher Tye, Orlando Gibbons, Willam Byrd, William Lawes, Henry Purcell and others for five viols and theorbo, performed with PHANTASM's usual intensity and vividity.

The following day the viol consort played in the traditional Evensong in the chapel of Magdalen College Oxford, together with the Choir of Magdalen College.

April 2015

Ensemble Villancico: anniversary and late night of Early Music picture Ensemble Villancico

»Eight singers, four players, two dancers and the animated conductor Pontvik make sure the audience doesn't experience any idle moments. I have never seen such a joyful ensemble - the singers are smiling all the time, and not without reason. This South American renaissance and baroque music is bursting with joy and expression« - such was the reaction of the evidently quite enthused critic of Dagens Nyheter, the most important Swedish journal, on 3 April on the concert in Stockholm, which Ensemble Villancico presented themself for their 20th anniversary.

On 25 April the musicians and dancers from Sweden performed in two concerts in the framework of the Lange Nacht der Alten Musik, an Early Music event of the Bavarian Broadcast BR, in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg, where they played two different programmes of Latin American music.

Both concerts were broadcast live on BR Klassik.

PHANTASM on tourpic Phantasm

From the green Isle to green Thuringia: viol consort PHANTASM with Laurence Dreyfus had a quite busy week in April.

On 15th they started their tour with a lecture recital of Laurence Dreyfus at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. The same evening the musicians presented Sacred Hymnes for voyces and vyols by John Amner, together with the Dublin Consort Singers, directed by Mark Keane in St. Ann's Church.

On 16 April there was another lecture recital on their schedule and in the evening PHANTASM was performing Bach's Art of Fugue in Dublin's City Hall The Rotunda.

This work - together with Mozart's arrangements of Fugues from Bach's Well-tempered Clavier for string quartet - also was on the programme of PHANTASM's concert in the Thüringer Bachwochen in Germany on 18 April in the Bachkirche Arnstadt.

March 2015

Linda Nicholson: Loewe-CD!Bild Loewe-CD

Finally it is released: the eagerly awaited CD by fortepianist Linda Nicholson with piano music by Carl Loewe just came out on the English Label Toccata. On it one can hear the Mazeppa Op. 27, the Grande Sonate e major Op. 16, the Gypsy Sonata Op. 107 and the Alpine Fantasy Op. 53 - the two latter world premier recordings and all pieces first recordings on an authentic instrument.

Listen here to an excerpt of this fascinating CD!

In the meantime Linda Nicholson is already pondering the next project: Mediterranean inspiration for fortepiano is the working title for an upcoming CD and concert-project, in which the fortepianist will play and record pieces by Scarlatti, Paradisi, Platti, Giustini, Soler and young Handel. In short: composers, whose work for keyboard instruments still is rather seldomly performed - at least not on a suitable instrument.

The fortepianist got her inspiration from a new instrument by builder Denzil Wraight, who just finished the copy of a Ferrini-fortepiano from 18th century Italy - an instrument which seems to have been far better known in those times, than we supposed so far, as Linda Nicholson detected.

Phantasm: Tomkins recordingpicture Phantasm

Again there's a new CD of viol consort PHANTASM with Laurence Dreyfus under construction: from 30 March till 1 April together with the Choir of Magdalen College Oxford directed by Daniel Hyde they're recording the complete verse anthems by Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656) - a composer by the way, who himself studied at Magdalen College Oxford, where PHANTASM is consort in residence.

Along with the works for choir and viols the ensembles shall also record an excerpt of Tomkins' fantastic consort music for three up to six viols.

Tini Mathot: new Lied-CDpicture Tini Mathot, Bettina Pahn

Uncommon, but extremely charming repertoire in a great performance: on the youngest CD of fortepianist Tini Mathot together with soprano Bettina Pahn one can experience works from the 2nd Berliner Liederschule. A repertory that asks for a rather sophisticated interpretation and a lot of expressivity from both musicians, because most of the songs are written in strophic form and - seemingly - quite simple: the art of a light-hearted, but elaborated sound.

Under the title Es war ein König in Thule there are songs by composers like Zelter, Reichardt or Rust, but also solo works for fortepiano by C.P.E. Bach on this CD.

Enjoy an excerpt from the recording here.

Telemann price!picture Boreas Quartett

We just came to know the winners of the 8th International Telemann-competition in Magdeburg and are happy to announce that young recorder player Julia Fritz from Boreas Quartett Bremen won a 2nd price. Congratulations!

The only 29 year old musician, who studied with Dorothee Oberlinger, Peter Holtslag and Han Tol, successfully completed three rounds of the competition during the second week of March, before she performed in the gala concert of the price winners with the Leipziger Baroque orchestra on 15 March .

Listen here to Julia playing in consort with her three collegues from Boreas.

February 2015

New at Sonus: ARS ANTIQUA AUSTRIApicture Ars Antiqua Austria

A bit of Mediterranean warmth in sound, combined with highest technical and musical standard and quite a lot of international flair: that's ARS ANTIQUA AUSTRIA, the ensemble for new Baroque music, founded and directed by violinist Gunar Letzbor, which we are enchanted to represent henceforth internationally (except Germany and Austria).
The ensemble focusses on Austrian Baroque music and it is thanks to Gunar Letzbor's instinct and serendipity, that they often perform very charming jewels from this repertoire, which were forgotten for centuries. For this ARS ANTIQUA AUSTRIA plays in casts from three musicians up to full orchestra size with soloists and choir.

Welcome to Sonus!

For end of January/begin of February 2016 we're just busy with planning a tour of the ensemble with the Rosenkranzsonaten by Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

Here you can get some first sound impressions of the ensemble.

Here you'll find some videos of ARS ANTIQUA AUSTRIA on our YouTube channel.

Phantasm 2017: Membra Jesu Nostri with top castpicture Phantasm

For a rather surprising and promising project PHANTASM with Laurence Dreyfus is teaming up with Concerto Melante, the only ensemble of the Berliner Philharmoniker playing on period instruments: in the Passion tide 2017 they'll perform Buxtehude's oratorio Membra Jesu Nostri - alternating with contrasting and complementary English repertory for viol consort.
In choosing the consort pieces Laurence Dreyfus used the facts, that there are a lot of instrumental works from the England of the 16th and 17th century with a sacred title, and that under the influence of the religious persecution of Roman Catholics in England even Catholic mass-settings were played purely instrumental very often, to avoid the risk of enunciating the words.

Along with this appealing concept goes an exquisite singer cast: with Hana Blažíková and Raquel Andueza, soprano, Alex Potter, countertenor, Charles Daniels, tenor, and Harry van der Kamp, bass, one can look forward to exceptional performances!

There are several concerts planned in March 2017, as well as in June and in August 2017. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Gerlinde Sämann on tourpicture Gerlinde Sämann

In four concerts with the Nederlandse Bachvereniging under direction of Jos van Veldhoven singer Gerlinde Sämann sang the soprano parts in three cantatas by Bach, as well as in Pachelbel's Was Gott tut das ist wohlgetan.

With this programme Gerlinde appeared from 5 to 8 February in Eindhoven, Naarden, in the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam and the TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht.

January 2015

New CD with David Munderlohpicture CD Cover

On a new CD, recently released on the label Alia Vox/Harmonia Mundi, tenor David Munderloh presents himself in two of the most appealing parts for his voice: the Magnificats by Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi.

The production with the Capella Reial de Catalunya and Le Concert des Nations is directed by Jordi Savall.

Raquel Andueza in interviewpicture Melómano

After a enthusiastically received concert with her ensemble la Galanía in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid with the programme Italia 1600 on 2 January, soprano Raquel Andueza had another great appearance.

An interview was published in Melómana, one of the most famous Spanish music magazines. On their front page they anounced Raquel as "The soprano of emotion" - rather to the point, as we find!

Here you may get an impression of the truth of this description.

Ars poetica and the hurdy-gurdypicture concert placard

In the middle of the 18th century amongst French nobility it came into fashion to idealise - and imitate - peasant culture. Stylised and refined pastoral music and instruments from folk music were introduced in the high society. For instance Maria Leszczyńska, the wife of king Louis XV, was a passionate hurdy-gurdy player.
In their concert on 18. January in the Maximilianmuseum Augsburg ensemble ars poetica, directed by soprano Sabine Lutzenberger, traced this sort of repertoire together with Tobie Miller, one of the internationally most renowned virtuosos on the hurdy-gurdy in performing French cantatas for soprano and hurdy-gurdy.

Enjoy here an impression of this seldomly heard combination of sounds in a live recording from the concert!

December 2014

New at Sonus: La Galaníapicture La Galania

Our latest addition comes from the South: La Galanía, the ensemble of the Spanish Soprano Raquel Andueza brings Mediterranean flair into the agency. On one hand through its members, most of them Spanish natives, but also through its preferred repertoire: music of the 17th century in Italy, with occasional excursions in other Southern countries or into early 18th century repertoire.

This music is performed by La Galanía with thrilling energy indeed, and additionally Raquel's unique voice is absolutely and immediately fascinating - not only for fans of Early Music.
It's really fun to listen to this!

Try here on our YouTube channel.

New CD by Tini Mathot and Ton Koopmanpicture CD Tini Mathot

It's more or less an exponentiated jubilee-CD which recently was released on Challenge Classics, because it celebrates even three anniversaries at once: the 300th birthday of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the 65th of Tini Mathot and the 70th of Ton Koopman - together 135.

The result is a box of two CDs. On one of them Tini Mathot plays piano music of the Bach-son on a fortepiano by Anton Walther in a really brilliant and very expressive way, on the other one Ton Koopman interpretes six of the organ sonatas by C.P.E. Bach in his familiar dancingly manner on the Amalien-organ in Berlin.
A very nice idea - excellently realised.

Here you can listen to one of the pieces on this CD.

David Munderloh: solo CD and Messiah tourpicture CD Awake Sweet Love

It was his debut with the Kammerchor and Barockorchester Stuttgart, directed by Frieder Bernius, and it was a rather intense tour for David Munderloh: between 12th and 17th December he sang five concerts with Handel's Messiah, amongst other cities also in Bolzano, Verona and Stuttgart.

Shortly before this we were extremely pleased to receive David's youngest solo CD. On Awake Sweet Love he sings songs of dark desire by John Dowland, accompanied by Julian Behr, luit. One of the main strengths of this recording surely is the tenor's wonderfully natural, charmingly unmannnered and nevertheless very expressive interpretation of this music. But at the same time he impresses by the amazing variety of colours in his voice, going through the whole range of registers.
A perfect mixture of good technique - and a simply beautiful tenor voice!

Listen here to a song from the CD.

November 2014

Joyous surprise: first edit of Loewe-CD by Linda Nicholsonpicture Linda Nicholson

Today Carl Loewe (1796-1869) is noticed primarily as composer of songs and ballads, but Loewe - a theologist by education - also wrote quite a few works for piano which are equally great and elaborated as his vocal oeuvre. In this music, too, he proves himself as ingenious inventor of melodies and furthermore shows so much sophistication and variety in the harmonic structures that one asks onself highly astonished why this great pieces are so seldomly performed nowadays.

Suprisingly the largest part of this piano works also isn't recorded on CD so far - and nothing of it with an authentic instrument, which is of particular importance for this music of all. Linda Nicholson is the only pianist now, who attended to this pieces on a historical instrument and her first (of - planned - three) CD with Loewe's piano works will be published in January 2015.

We just got the first edit - and are absolutly excited! Enjoy here a first impression.

Here you find an interview with Linda Nicholson over this recording, which appeared in the November-issue of the German Early Music journal Toccata - Alte Musik Aktuell (in German).

Fresh breeze in Sonus: Boreas Quartett BremenBild Boreas Quartett

Boreas is the god of the Northwind - and therefore an obvious godfather for this four young recorder players, which met at the Akademie für Alte Musik in North-German Bremen, received a number of awards and grants since then, and also recorded their first CD with music by Christopher Tye already, which will come out in spring 2015.

And they do not only play excellently, this four young ladies of Boreas Quartett Bremen, but they're also very good in conveying programmes which are informed, thrilling and attracting at the same time, as we can see from the projects they're planning for the coming years.
Welcome to Sonus!

Here you find an audio sample of the ensemble.

New CD il Gardellinopicture CD il Gardellino

Schlage doch, gewünschte Stunde is the title of il Gardellino's newest recording under the direction of oboist Marcel Ponseele, a CD which the ensemble just released on the Belgian label Passacaille. It contains works by Bach, Telemann and Georg Melchior Hoffmann, which depict death not so much as the end of live, but much more as redemption from earthly pain and affliction.

Il Gardellino has achieved to show this ambiguity between despair and aspiration with unbelievable technical finesse and fascinating musical sensitivity. With Gerlinde Sämann, soprano, Damien Guillon, altus, Jan Kobow, tenor, and Dominik Wörner, bass, they also had a perfectly matching cast of singers for this programme.

Here you can get an impression of this wonderful recording.

Concerto Palatino: Schütz in Japanpicture Concerto Palatino

One week of touring in Japan: Concerto Palatino did several concerts, not with their own singers and string players this time, but invited by the Bach Collegium Japan. Under the direction of Masaaki Suzuki they played in the Psalmen Davids by Heinrich Schütz.

The concerts took place in Tokyo and Kobe; furthermore the Palatini performed a wind-only programme for special guests and donors of the Bach Collegium Japan.

October 2014

PHANTASM: busy days in Englandpic PHANTASM

PHANTASM was invited to provide the ceremonial opening of the new exhibition Germany: memories of a nation of the British Museum in London on 17 October with corresponding music. So the viol consort, directed by Laurence Dreyfus performed works by Bach and Mozart, while the BBC reported live on opening, exhibition and concert.

Two days later the ensemble played an evensong in the Chapel of Magdalen College Oxford, followed by a concert in All Souls College Chapel Oxford on 20 October, dedicated to the great English poet George Herbert, with music by his contemporaries.

Enjoy here an impression of the music they performed at this last occasion!

PER-SONAT on medievalist's conference in Zürichpicture Sabine Lutzenberger

Middle Ages today was the subject of this year's conference of medievalists at the University of Zürich.
Ensemble PER-SONAT, directed by soprano Sabine Lutzenberger was invited there to present a wonderful programme with songs of the Middle Ages for the adoration of the Saints - among them some extremely virtuosic and touching works by abbess Kassia of Byzantium and Hildegard von Bingen, next to songs for the devotion of Mary by French Trouvères.

The concert took place on 11 October in the chapel of the Kulturhaus Helferei in Zürich.

Here you find a live recording of PER-SONAT with music by Hildegard von Bingen.

Bruce Dickey on Tour of Meantone in North Americapicture organ

Bruce Dickey on tour in his home country: during his Tour of Meantone the cornettist visited some of the most exciting organs, tuned in meantone temperament, in the US. From 5 to 21 October he delighted friends of the cornet with his brilliant and bright sound, with his striking virtuosity and fascinating repertoire.

Together with organ player Liuwe Tamminga he played amongst other places in Oberlin, Cleveland, at Yale University and in New York City. On the programme: works for cornet and keyboard from 16th and 17th century Italy.
The reactions of the audience were enthusiastic - and thus part 2 of this tour is planned already for 2016!

Listen here to a piece by Josquin Desprez with diminutions by Bruce Dickey on our YouTube channel.

laReverdie - broadcast and recordingpic laReverdie

On 2 October at 20h a concert of ensemble laReverdie was broadcast on SWR2. This thrilling programme around musical avantgarde around 1400 had been recorded on 22 Juni in the Münster in Konstanz.

Subsequently the ensemble recorded their newest programme Venecie mundi splendor in collaboration with the WDR for Label Arcana on CD. In this programme the Italian group shows the tradition of the typical ceremonial feast motets dedicated to the doges of Venice from Francesco Dandolo (1329-1339) up to Francesco Foscari (1423-1457) and therefore has chosen eight of the most representative and splendid works of this musical style.

Here you find further information on laReverdie as well as several audio samples.

September 2014

PER-SONAT in Sint Truiden and Regensburg pic PER-SONAT

On 20 September ensemble PER-SONAT was invited for a concert in Canto Aperto, the famous Flemish festival for Gregorian chant in Sint Truiden. At 17h Sabine Lutzenberger and three more singers presented their programme tropes and sequences between 1450 and 1550: works by Guillaume Dufay, John Dunstable and Antoine Brumel.

One week later PER-SONAT gave a concert in the framework of the Landesaustellung around emperor Ludwig IV, called "the Bavarian" in Regensburg. On 28 September the ensemble accompanied its audience on a time travel for the ears, with pious chants and naughty songs from the time of Ludwig (1281-1347).

At 17h Sabine Lutzenberger, Baptiste Romain and Marc Lewon presented in the Runtingersaal Regensburg works from the Jenaer Liederhandschrift, among them some freshly rediscovered verses from early 13th century, directly referring to Ludwig IV.

Laurence Dreyfus and Patricia Kopatchinskaja in Berlin Philharmoniepicture Laurence Dreyfus

Probably the first time at all, that a treble viol performed on the stage of the Berlin Philharmonie: after joining well known violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja on her newest album Take Two, viol player Laurence Dreyfus also presented the collaboration with her live. On 13 September they played together at the Late Night concert in the Great Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie.

With Baroque violin and treble viol Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Laurence Dreyfus performed works of Machaut, Gibbons and from the Winchester Tropar, framed by works of contemporary composer Galina Ustwolskaja, which Kopatchinskaja played together with pianist Markus Hinterhäuser.

You can listen to the full concert in the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie.

Concerto Palatino in Festival Oude Muziek Utrechtpicture Concerto Palatino

The Missa Redemptoris à 21 by Ritter Antonio Bertali was copied 1677 by Pavel Vejvanovsky for the music collection of the bishop of Olmütz, who was living in Kremsier, and thus somehow landed in the library of Kremsier.

Here cornetto player Bruce Dickey, detected the mass some time ago, edited it and performed it in a concert at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis with some of his students.

Three years later now Bruce Dickey eventually could realise a concert with this mass, as well as with some more newly rediscoverd works of Bertali with his own ensemble Concerto Palatino: in the framework of Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht the ensemble presented this programme on 3 September at 20h in Tivoli Vrendenburg. The concert was broadcast live on radio and TV.

Here you can watch the TV-broadcast on our YouTube Channel.

PHANTASM as Doctors in Performance picture PHANTASM

Doctors in Performance is the name of a festival at the renowned Sibelius academy in Helsinki, Finland, which busies itself with historically informed performance practice in theoretical as well as in practical respects.

A combination which suits viol player and Oxford-professor for musicology and performance practice Laurence Dreyfus very well and so he did a concert lecture together with his viol consort PHANTASM on 5 September with works by Byrd, Gibbons, Locke, Purcell and Bach.

Prior to that the musicians finished their recording of the complete Royal Consorts by William Lawes, which will be published in May 2015 on Linn label - and realises this versatile and stirring music in a really genial way.

Enjoy here one of this pieces from a live-recording!

August 2014

Joshua Rifkin and Concerto Palatino: Monteverdi 1610picture Concerto Palatino

The Vespro della Beata Vergine by Claudio Monteverdi has become a well-known masterwork, heard in numerous concert performances and recordings. But the evening-long sequence of choral and solo pieces to which we have become accustomed has little to do with what the composer intended.

The conductor and scholar Joshua Rifkin has gone back to the original print of 1610 to discover what Monteverdi had in mind. Together with Concerto Palatino he presents a new vision of supposedly familiar music: Monteverdi 1610 was performed for the first time on 31 August, building the three final concerts of Festival Laus Polyphoniae Antwerp in Belgium, at 18h, 19h and 21h - in each case in the Sint Paulus Kerk in Antwerp.

La Divina Armonia: C.P.E. Bach's 300th anniversarypicture La Divina Armonia

Die wahre Art, das Clavier zu spielen - the true way to play a keyboard instrument - was something, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was pondering over throughout his live. His particular interest thereby lay on the revolutionary possibilities to influence loudness and cantability offered by the new fortepiano, which was developed by the organ maker Gottfried Silbermann at the beginning of the 18th century.

This enthusiasm for the fortepiano is something, La Divina Armonia ardently shares with Carl Philipp Emanuel. In chamber music cast, with Lorenzo Ghielmi, fortepiano, Jan De Winne, traverso, and Stefano Barneschi, violin, the ensemble introduced its audience into the microcosmos of the Silbermann piano on 27 August in the Dom of Geisenheim in the framework of the Rheingau Musikfestival with works by Johann Sebastian and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.
The fortepiano played for this concert is Lorenzo Ghielmi's own copy of a Silbermann-fortepiano from 1749.

Solorecital Alex Potter in Utrechtpicture Alex Potter

Baroque music from the emperor's court in Vienna around 1700 for the unusual cast of countertenor, two virtuoso trombones and string ensemble: this enthralling combination could be heard in a concert with Alex Potter at the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht on 31 August.

Together with Swiss ensemble la fontaine the young singer performed the works of composers from the Viennoise court chapel like Antonio Caldara, Johann Joseph Fux and Ignazio Maria Conti in the recently renovated Tivoli Vredenburg concert house.

Enjoy here an impression of what the audience heard in this sold out concert!

PER-SONAT: The mayor of Augsburg in Utrechtpicture Per-Sonat

The Augsburger Liederbuch is a manuscript which was compiled by citizens of the German town Augsburg between 1505 and 1518 and which shows a broad overview of South German musical live in early 16th century. A musical live which also was highly estimated by emperor Maximilian I, who visited Augsburg so often during this period, that he even got the nick name "mayor of Augsburg".

Ensemble PER-SONATgave an impression of this urban music making on 30 August in their concert in the Festival Oude Muziek in Utrecht. The ensemble, directed by Sabine Lutzenberger presented in the Pieterskerk vocal and instrumental works from the Renaissance from the Augsburger Liederbuch.

Listen here to a piece from a live recording of a concert with a similar programme.

Solorecital Lorenzo Ghielmi in Antwerppicture Lorenzo Ghielmi

Luzzasco Luzzaschi, the adored teacher of Girolamo Frescobaldi wrote at least three volumes of ricercari, but unfortunately there's only one piece handed down to us, from this collections.

Lorenzo Ghielmi played this unique composition in his programme Affetti ed effetti on 29 August in the festival Laus Polyphoniae Antwerp, together with works by Tarquinio Merula, Giovanni Paolo Cima and Girolamo Frescobaldi on different harpsichord and an organ: a wonderful concert, full of splendid music, which the musician played in his usual virtuosic and cantablile manner.

Jakob Lindberg in duopicture Jakob Lindberg

Two stars among the luitenists on the same stage, playing music by Giovanni Antonio Terzi, Palestrina, Striggio, Ingegneri, Lassus and Willaert: it was pure joy to listen to Jakob Lindberg and his American collegue Paul O'Dette, performing Italian music for two lutes.
The concert tooke place in the framework of Laus Polyphoniae Antwerp on 27 August at 13h in the acustically wonderfully lucid Augustinus Muziek Zentrum.

Listen here to an audio sample of Jakob Lindberg, playing Kapsberger.

Concerto Palatino: opening concert of Laus Polyphoniae Antwerppicture Concerto Palatino

It's an extraordinary theme for even such a sophisticated and wonderful festival as Laus Polyphoniae in Antwerp: this year's focus was lying specifically on the young Claudio Monteverdi - thus, the composer's oeuvre until about 1610. A period which Concerto Palatino feels at home very much, of course, and so the ensemble was invited to do the opening concert (as well as the final concerts) of the festival on 22 August in the splendorous Sint Carolus Borromaeuskerk.

The vocal-instrumantal programme which cornetto-player and ensemble director Bruce Dickey had conceived for this concert presented some of Monteverdi's earliest, still Renaissance-orientated works as well as such by his teachers, collegues and contemporaries, for instance Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, Adrian Willaert, Marc Antonio Ingegneri or Ascanio Trombetti.

Listen here to a wonderful and - extremely - virtuosic piece by Giuseppe Guami, live recorded during the concert in Antwerp!

Hiro Kurosaki: Debut at Esterházys court chapelpicture Hiro Kurosaki

Debut for Hiro Kurosaki in his preferred repertoire: on 23 August the Austrian-Japanese violinist played for the first time as first violin in the Eszterházy Hofkapelle, a Baroque orchestra, founded at the Hungarian Castle Eszterházy near Fertöd last year.

This Baroque orchestra, compiled after the historical example of the court chapel of Duke Esterházy as it was composed in Haydn's days to revive the musical tradition in the Castle performed works by Beethoven and - of course! - Haydn, directed by the British conductor Paul McCreesh.

Laurence Dreyfus in Wagnerwahn on 3satpicture Laurence Dreyfus

WAGNERWAHN is the title of an innovative cultural documentation by the film-maker Ralf Pleger from 2013, tracing live and work of the great German composer, and trying to explain the fascination which Wagner exerted over his contemporaries and still exerts over today's audiences to a young audience.

Alongside Philippe Jordan, conductor of Opéra de Paris, Katharina Wagner, the director of the Bayreuther Festspiele, also Wagner-expert and Oxford-professor Laurence Dreyfus shows up in this film and discusses myths and doings of this until this very day doubtlessly mostdiscussed German composer

On 9 August 2014 at 21.00 this award-winning documentary was broadcast once more on 3sat.

Here you can have a look at the official trailer of this film.

The Bach Ensemble: home game in Arnstadtpicture The Bach Ensemble

Focus on the Altbachische Archiv: this year's edition of the Bach:Sommer in Thuringian Arnstadt, a festival dedicated to The Bach Ensemble will not only present music by J.S. Bach, but also works by his ancestors from about 1650 to 1700. Directed by Joshua Rifkin the American musicians rehearsed and performed these motets, choir songs and cantatas from the Albachische Archiv between 7 and 10 August in Arnstadt and nearby Wandersleben.

But the Bach:Sommer not only offers to its visitors the advantage, to experience Bach at authentical places, but also a quite close contact with the performing musicians - for instance in public rehearsals, discussions, or also during the summerfeast with four-course-menu in the vicarage in Arnstadt.

For further informations please consult the website of the Bach:Sommer.

July 2014

laReverdie on a mystical journey: 12 gardenspic laReverdie

The way of the soul as bride to unity with Christ is described as an ecstatic god-experience in „i dodici Giardini“ - the twelve gardens.
The devotional text under this title was written by Caterina de Vigri - or St. Catherine of Bologna - around 1435 in Bologna, where the Saint belonged to the religious order of Santa Clara.

The five musicians of la Reverdie have reconstructed this Laudes on 20 July 2014 at the Festival Europäische Kirchenmusik Schwäbsich Gmünd in Kloster Lorch. The mysterious travel through the twelve gardens was recorded by SWR 2 and subsequently broadcast on Saturday, 2 August at 19:05h.

Here you can get an impression of this vivid and intense music.

PHANTASM in London and Finlandpic PHANTASM

Music we'd like to hear was the title of a concert by viol consort PHANTASM with organist Daniel Hyde and directed by Laurence Dreyfus performed on 18 July in the church of St Mary-at-Hill in the city of London.
Here they presented amongst other pieces some of the Consorts to the Organ by William Lawes, with their craggy melodies, awkward superimpositions, wayward contrapuntal errors and harmonic solecisms.

Afterwards the ensemble traveled to the North, to the Finnish home of Jean Sibelius at the lake of Tuusula near Helsinki, where the Meidän festival takes place every summer in the former residences of Sibelius and his circle.
PHANTASM played in the intimate atmosphere of this festival in its smallest cast with only three viols in three of this summer villas music by Bevin, Tomkins, Byrd, Gibbons, Purcell and Bach - an event important enought to even be mentioned in the evening news on the national Finnish tv!

Enjoy some impression of beautiful polyphony à 3 here.

Princely sounds with La Divina Armoniapic La Divina Armonia

Princely impressions by Johann Sebastian Bach?
Not really: Bach wasn't blue-blooded of course, but during his appointment at the court of Saxen-Weimar he loved to make music together with his student Prince Johann Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar (1696-1715), who himself wrote music and also firstly acquainted Bach with the Italian repertoire.
Particularly there are some of his beautiful concertos for violin and orchestra preseverd, which Lorenzo Ghielmi detected recently and subsequently edited them.

Together with his ensemble La Divina Armonia, Stefano Barneschi, solo violin, and Deborah York, soprano, he opened on 15th July the Innsbrucker Festwochen für Alte Musik in the stately ambiance of Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck with one of these concertos, as well as with a violin concerto and several Cantatas by Bach.

June 2014

Gerlinde Sämann sings of the morningpicture Gerlinde Sämann

The rising sun and her daily way always inspired artists for quite appealing works.
One of them was Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, whose cantata Klopstocks Morgengesang am Schöpfungsfeste was performed in a concert of the Dresdner Kammerchor, the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin and the soprano Gerlinde Sämann under direction of Hans-Christoph Rademann in this year's Bachfest in Leipzig.

But these musicians did not only celebrate the rising of the sun on 20 June in the Thomaskirche in the hymnic sounds of C.P.E. Bach: Gerlinde also was responsable for the morning in Georg Philipp Telemanns Die Tageszeiten. Furthermore there wass Johann Sebastian Bach's wedding Cantata Dem Gerechten muss das Licht on the programme.

The concert was broadcast live on Deutschlandradio Kultur.

Please enjoy Gerlinde Sämann here in one of her latest Bach recordings.

PHANTASM and British eccentricitypic Phantasm

William Lawes and his melodically impressing as well as harmonically daring Consorts to the Organ sounded in a concert of PHANTASM, directed by Laurence Dreyfus on 17 June. The viol consort presented some of these quite eccentric works togehter with Daniel Hyde, organ, in the framework of Greynog Festival, Wales: surprises were guaranteed!

Special note for friends of Williams Lawes: Following on from their recording dedicated to Lawes which appeared in 2012 on the LINN Label, Phantasm will be recording a second Lawes disc - with the remaining Consorts to the organ in 5 and 6 parts and the first instalment of the early version of Lawes’s Royal Consorts a4 with lute. The CD will be released in the spring of 2015.

Here you may get an acoustic impression of Willam Lawes' amazing inventiveness.

PER-SONAT: roses in Stockholmpic PER-SONAT

Is it possible to fall in love with a rose?

Yes: ensemble PER-SONAT gave proof of this in their concert on 8 June in the Stockholm Early Music Festival.

In their programme the four musicians delved into the world of the Roman de la Rose from 13th century, the first book at all to appear in French and not only because of this reason a sweeping bestseller in its time - and thus inspiring many artists for songs, tunes and poems for more than 200 years.

PER-SONAT presented some of these works, in inviting the audience to the beautiful garden of the novel and experience the adventures of its central character and his love for a rose in a musical way.

Have a taste of the music here with Guillaume de Machaut.

Concerto Palatino: Venetian impressionspic Concerto Palatino

O Venetia splendidior is the titel of the gorgeous new programme of Concerto Palatino, which musically recollects the ceremonial inauguration of the Chiesa del Redentore in Venice in 1592. With this programm the ensemble under direction of Bruce Dickey, was on tour over Whitsunday.

The tour started at the Tage Alter Musik in Regensburg where they performed this ceremonial works by Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli as well as by Giovanni Battista Grillo on 7 June in the central evening concert.

On 8 June these splendid motets and canzonas were presented as grand final concert of the Stockholm Early Music Festival at 7pm in the German Church. The Swedish Radio recorded this concert to broadcast it in autumn 2014.
On 9 June Concerto Palatino played the programme at Kloster Schöntal in the framework of the Hohenloher Kultursommer. Also this concert was recorded by radio and will be broadcast on 5 July at 7:05pm on radio SWR2.

Listen here to a live-video from the concert in Kloster Schöntal on our YouTube-Channel!

The Bach Ensemble at Stockholm Early Music Festival picture The Bachensemble

Also The Bachensemble from New York, directed by Joshua Rifkin was invited to Stockholm Early Music Festival this year.

On 7 June at 9pm they delighted their audience in the magnificent German Church with two wedding cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach from different work periods of the Thomaskantor: the early Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten BWV 202, and O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit, BWV 210, written for a wedding in Berlin in 1741. The highly virtuosic Soprano parts were sung by Ulrike Hofbauer.

Besides the Bach Ensemble played the famous Ouvertüre d minor, BWV 1068, but of course in its - rather unknown - original version, reconstructed by Joshua Rifkin!

May 2014

La Divina Armonia at the Bodenseefestival in Weingarten picture La Divina Armonia

Organ in concert - from Händel to Haydn: in this programme the musicians of Lorenzo Ghielmi's Ensemble La Divina Armonia showed connections between Baroque and Classique, but also between Italy and Germany in Concerti of Handel, Corelli and Haydn.

On 24 May at 8pm they performed these works together with Stefano Barneschi, solo-violin, in the framework of the Bodenseefestival at the splendorous historical organ of the basilica St. Martin in Weingarten, built 1737-1750 by Joseph Gabler, belonging to the most famous Baroque historical organs in Germany and with its 63 stops also to the largest ones still existing.

Here you may get some live impression of the concert.

Laurence Dreyfus and Patricia Kopatchinskajapicture Laurence Dreyfus

Take Two is the title of the next album of the renowned violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja on which she wanted to record music of different periods with some of her friends. One of the musicians invited for this project was viol player Laurence Dreyfus.

Together the two string players recorded end of May in Switzerland with baroque violin and discant viol amongst others pieces from the Winchester Tropes, by Guillaume de Machaut and Orlando Gibbons, which Laurence Dreyfus - also professor in musicology at the University of Oxford - chose for this purpose.

In summer this collaboration also can be experienced live: on 13 September they will appear together in a late-night-concert in the big hall of the Berliner Philharmonie - to follow also in the digital concert hall of the Philharmonie.

Ticket sale started on 25 May.

Concerto Palatino at Orgelwoche Nürnberg Bild Concerto Palatino

First performance since 1625 and first recording: On 23 May the Windsbacher Knabenchor, Concerto Palatino and our singers Hana Blažiková (soprano), Alex Potter (countertenor), Satoshi Mizukoshi (tenor) and Dominik Wörner (bass) were busy with the polychoral church music of Johann Staden at the opening concert of the International organfestival in Nürnberg. This concert under the title Venice in Nuremberg took place in the church St. Lorenz.

Besides this performance the programme also was recorded on CD for the Harmonia Mundi label.

The concert was broadcast live on BR Klassik.

PER-SONAT: foretaste of Habsburg in UtrechtBild Per-Sonat

On 30 August they'll be in the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht with their programme around emperor Maximilian I and the Augsburger Liederbuch - but ensemble PER-SONAT with Sabine Lutzenberger was already invited to give a foretaste of the festival:
On 13 May Xavier Vandamme, director of FOMU, presented the just completed festival programme for medias, friends and sponsors of the festival. For this occasion, called vriendenconcert, Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano, Baptiste Romain, fiddles, and Michael Eberth, clavicytherium, showed the audience what they may expect to hear from 28 August to 9 September.

On 30 August at 5pm PER-SONAT will perform their programme around Maximilian I in full length and the full cast of seven musicians in Utrecht.

PHANTASM goes ShakespeareBild Phantasm

The Queen's command included music of amongst others William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons and Robert Johnson, and was followed by PHANTASM under Laurence Dreyfus, together with soprano Dame Emma Kirkby, tenor Stuart Jackson and Trevor Pinnock, virginals. They performed this programme in two concerts on 12 and 13 May in the Sam Wanamaker's Playhouse, the recently dedicated indoor theatre next to the Globe, the historical domain of William Shakespeare.

This theater and concert venue offered a quite authentic frame for a Shakespeare programme: it's built exclusively from wood, after historical plans and illuminated by candles only.

Gerlinde Sämann and Bach's honeymoonBild Gerlinde Sämann

Music on Bach's wedding paths:
A concert of the Thüringer Bachwochen with soprano Gerlinde Sämann and the Baroque orchestra La Banda was devoted to Bach and his marriage.

In the Bach-church in Thuringian Arnstadt, where the organ played by Bach as a young man still exists and sounds, these musicians played the first part of their concert on 1 May with the wedding cantata Weichet nur betrübte Schatten, BWV 202.
After the audience had a walk to the church of Dornheim where Bach had married his first wife, Maria Barbara, following the traces of Bach's wedding party, Gerlinde Sämann sang O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit, BWV 2012, another cantate written for a marriage.

April 2014

il Gardellino on tour in South Americapic ilGardellino

More than three weeks on tour through Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador: on 28 April il Gardellino left for South America.
Until 21 May the Flemish ensemble will perform different programmes of Baroque music by composers like Jean-Philippe Rameau, Telemann, Bach, Vivaldi or Janitsch - amongst them several first performances in these countries. The group is playing in various casts, accompanying their concert-activities with various masterclasses.

The concerts take place in San Juan, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Bogota, Quito and some other places.

Alex Potter at the Thüringer Bachwochenpic Alex Potter

The performance of Bach's works at authentical places: that's the idea of the festival Thüringer Bachwochen, which takes place every year in German Thuringia, where Bach was born and lived before he became Thomaskantor in Leipzig.
For this reason countertenor Alex Potter conceived a programme with solo cantatas and sinfonias by Bach specifically for the Bach church in Arnstadt. All the pieces intensely involved the originally preserved Wender organ of this church, which was dedicated and played by Bach himself in former times.

The English singer presented this programme with obbligato organ on 26 April together with Capriccio Barockorchester Basel and Michael Fuerst, organ: a splendorous combination of fantastic music with beautiful sound!

Listen here to some live recordings of Alex Potter on our YouTube channel!

New CD with PHANTASMpic Phantasm CD

They don't play the main part on this alltogether beautiful CD, but nethertheless it's a joy to hear them: on this youngest recording of the Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford, under Daniel Hyde with Dieterich Buxtehudes Membra Jesu Nostri the viol players of Laurence Dreyfus' consort PHANTASM are not only accompanying very subtle, but also contributing highly thrilling ritornelli and sonatas.

Albeit this choir and PHANTASM regularly collaborate for Evensongs and concerts, this is their first common CD - praised (not only) by the London Times: "With excellent boy trebles singing the soprano solos and the sinuous viols of Phantasm supplying supple sonatas, the continental-sounding choir of Magdalen College, Oxford, give a vibrant, appealing performance“.
And the success motivates to more: in 2015 both ensembles will start on a tour together with an Elizabethan Evensong programme. Be welcome to get in touch for more information!

Here you may get an impression of the CD.

Hana Blažíková on tour with Ton Koopman pic Hana Blažíková:

It was quite a laborious passiontide for Soprano Hana Blažíková: Aside of many other passion concerts with different ensembles, on 7 April the young Czech singer started for a ten day's concert tour with Bach's St. Matthew passion with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir, directed by Ton Koopman.

The concerts took place for instance in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the Palau de la Musica in Valencia, the Salle Pleyel in Paris, Auditorium Lyon or the Bartok National Concert Hall in Budapest.

Here you may find some live impressions of Hana on our YouTube Channel!

March 2014

New CD Margot Oitzingerpic CD Cover Matthäuspassion

Freshly released is the recording of Bach's St. Matthew Passion with choir and orchestra of the Bachstiftung St. Gallen under direction of Rudolf Lutz. Alto: Margot Oitzinger. And the young Austrian singer shows here once more, that she not only owns a extraordinary beautiful voice and knows to sing absolutely impeccably, but also disposes over an enormous expressivity and artistic intensity.

Be enchanted whith the aria Erbarme dich on our YouTube-Channel!

B'Rock: Arthur at KlaraFestival Brusselspic Arthur-promo

It's a project which is quite typical for B'Rock: In the Flagey in Brussels the Flemish baroque orchestra played on invitation of KlaraFestival Arthur by Henry Purcell in a scenic production - but underlayed with a new text of a contemporary Flemish author, which displaced the plot from England to Belgium during World War I. With this he transformed the opera into a flaming accusation against war.

In a staging by Paul Koek B'Rock played the opera three times in Brussels. Further performances will take place on 21 and 22 May at the Operadagen Rotterdam.

February 2014

Distinction for and Academy-project with Joshua Rifkinpic Joshua Rifkin

Joshua Rifkin, who is ranked by the German encyclopaedia MGG among "the most important Bach-interpreters of our time" received several distinctions during these last years, for instance the honorary doctorate of the University of Dortmund and the Lichtenberg Medal of the Akademie der Wissenschaften in Göttingen. On 27 Februar he also was awarded with the honorary doctorate of the Academy of Music in Krakow, Poland.
At the same institution he furthermore directed a very successful baroque project with students of the Early Music department.

By the way: the American conductor and scholar will perform in Europe several times this year. For instance on 7 June in Stockholm Early Music Festival with The Bach Ensemble and on 31 August in the final concert of Laus Polyphoniae Festival in Antwerp. There he will collaborate with Concerto Palatino for the first time, to bring on stage a rather spectacular project: Monteverdi's Vespers in a new form, following his recent research.

La Divina Armonia in Brugespic La Divina Armonia

Mediterranean flair was brought to winterly Belgium by Italian group La Divina Armonia. In their concert on 1 February under direction of Lorenzo Ghielmi they played their programme Italianità together with Soprano Vera Milani in the great hall of Bruges Concertgebouw.

As well as works by Arcangelo Corelli, Georg Friedrich Handel, Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach La Divina Armonia presented the violin concerto in a minor by Bach's friend and pupil Prince Johann Ernst of Saksen-Weimar, who had made Bach acquainted with the Italian music in the first line, and whose concerto was edited by Lorenzo Ghielmi especially for this occasion.

One day later Lorenzo delved further into Southern atmosphere with an organ recital, in which he followed some bonds between North and South, too, in the organ repertoire from Baroque.

On the programme of his matinée in the Blindekenskapel in Bruges were Italian and German works by Girolamo Frescobaldi, Georg Böhm, Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Zipoli. A programme which seemed to be highly appreciated by Flemish Early Music friends, because it had to be repeated on the same day.

New CD by il Gardellinopic Bach Concertos CD

Just in time for Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's 300th birthday the newest CD by il Gardellino, dedicated to this composer, was released on the label Accent. Therefore the ensemble chose three Concerti by CPE Bach, which suit them very well: the concerto for flute D major (only rediscoverd a few years ago in the archives of the Berliner Singakademie), the concerto for violoncello a minor and the concerto for oboe in B major.

Soloist of the recording with the wonderfully inspired playing ensemble are Jan De Winne, Emmanuel Balssa and Marcel Ponseele, who perform their parts in a beautifully vibrant and intense way, but at the same time refreshingly natural and inartificial.

PHANTASM in Wigmore Hallpic Phantasm

Was Bach's Art of Fugue actually written to be listened to - or was it meant as a scholarly treatise? And should this collection of 14 Contrapuncti be performed at all? Musicians, scholars and critics discuss this sort of questions since the first edition of this work by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Viol consort PHANTASM answered this questions with their performance of the Art of Fuge under direction of Laurence Dreyfus on 22 February in Wigmore hall London - one of the finest places to be for chamber musicians worldwide, where they are invited as ensemble in residence for season 2017/18 already.
Here the four musicians convinced their audience that this music, which seems to be so academically-dry on the first spot really is able to give intense pleasure to its listeners, if only it is performed in a adequate thrilling and stirring way

Here you may listen to one of the Contrapuncti played by PHANTASM.

Sabine Lutzenberger with Sehnsucht Mittelalterpic Sehnsucht MA

It was not only a trait of Romantic literature, but also of Romantic music to adore culture, poetry and mode of life of the Middleages. In her new programme Sehnsucht Mittelalter soprano Sabine Lutzenberger follows the traces of Medieval music and poetry in Romantic Lied together with Christoph Hammer, fortepiano, and Helmut Balk, recitation.

On 16 and 17 February the trio played this programme in two concerts in Augsburg and Greifenberg, contrasting Lieder and poems of German minnesong with their counterparts in 19th century: a rather appealing combination, which spoiles the audience with beautiful cantilenes from more than 500 years - and reveals one or the other Romantic Lied in a totally different light!

L‘Art du Bois concert il Ballerinopic L'Art du bois

To dance to the music making of L'Art du Bois? - No problem with the programme il Ballerino!

One time joyful and exhilaratedly, one time gorgeous and ceremonial sounded the historical dances and other pieces by composers as Diego Ortiz, Tromboncino, Arcadelt, Dalza, Willaert, Simpson, Dowland, Hume or Anthony Holborne, which the four young musicians of L‘Art du Bois presented on 8 February in the concert series Meisterkonzerte in Heidenheim. And it was quite difficult for the audience to stay seated during this wonderfully spirited concert...

January 2014

PHANTASM in Vienna and PragueBild Ensemble Phantasm

With „Querköpfen“ ("awkward customer") British ensemble PHANTASM under direction of Laurence Dreyfus played its debut in Vienna Konzerthaus on 26 January in the similarly themed Early Music festival Resonanzen. A motto for which composers like William Lawes with his strange harmonics or Orlando Gibbons with his formal and tonal mutability are rather obvious choices.
So PHANTASM focussed their concert on some of William Lawes‘ Consorts to the organ which they performed alongside to works by John Jenkins, Thomas Tomkins and Orlando Gibbons - to the highest pleasure of their audience.

The concert was recorded by the Austrian Radio and was broadcast in March on ORF 1.

On 27 January PHANTASM performed the same programme in the monastery of St Agnes in Prague.

Sabine Lutzenberger in Canada and the USBild Sabine Lutzenberger

Apart from Kiss of peace, the new Hildegard-CD of PER-SONAT, soprano Sabine Lutzenberger took part in another Hildegard production: end of 2013 she took part in the last part of Ensemble Sequentia's complete recording of Hildegard's works in Belgium.

From 22 Janaury till 1 February she then toured with the ensemble through the US and Canada, performing the programme Celestial Hierarchy under direction of Benjamin Bagby and together with PER-SONAT founder member Norbert Rodenkirchen in amongst other places Vancouver, Toronto, Ann Arbor, Philadelphia and Boston.

December 2013

La Divina Armonia on tour in JapanBild Japan-Plakat

Also in Far East it's becoming frosty in December, but Italian ensemble La Divina Armonia warmed at least the hearts of their audience: together with soprano Vera Milani the musicians started a 12-day-tour through winterly Japan on 10th December.

The ensemble performed under direction of Lorenzo Ghielmi in Tokyo, Nagova and Fukui amongst other places, with music of Handel, Vivaldi, Sammartini and Galuppi.

As for Lorenzo Ghielmi, the tour wasn't ended after this concerts, but he also visited Kofu and Gifu where he played some organ concertos and gave masterclasses for Japanese students on the organ.

PHANTASM: home game in OxfordBild Phantasm

Romantic candlelight and some highly virtuosic music: PHANTASM under direction of Laurence Dreyfus started the Advent season on 2nd December with their new programme 'Moving Meditations' in the chapel of Magdalen College Oxford where they are consort-in-residence.

There the viol consort played musically and rhythmically rather elaborated works of English, French and Italian composers like Christopher Tye, Claude Le Jeune, Tarquinio Merula and Etienne Moulinié for 5 Gamben; alltogether pieces, which are performed quite seldomly - doubtlessly also because of their enormous technical demands.

David Munderloh in LatviaBild David Munderloh

Musicians work, when other people go on holiday. And especially the month of December is a quite busy time for our singers, for instance for David Munderloh.

Bach's Christmas Oratorio is one of the pieces which is very much requested by concert promoters over all the world during Advent and Christmas time, and the American-Swiss tenor not only performed this work at different places in Switzerland and in France, but on 28th and 29th December also in Latvian Riga, together with the Choir of the Latvian Radio and the chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Riga.

Here you may find David with a live recording of an aria from the Christmas Oratorio.

November 2013

Margot Oitzinger: on new CD in star rolepicture Margot Oitzinger

The role really suits her perfectly: on this recently released CD of Wolfang Amadeus Mozart's Azione sacra Betulia liberata Margot Oitzinger gives an absolutely great performance of the Giuditta!
With her warm, seamless and wonderfully focused Alto voice she's loaning high dignity and at the same time enormous emotianal intensity to this role in the new recording of the piece by the brilliantly playing L'Orfeo Baroque Orchestra under direction of Michi Gaigg.

So this CD is a real pleasure to listen, because Michi Gaigg had a lucky hand in the choice of all the singers and knows to treat this piece of 15-year-old Mozart with a nice balance between thrilling dramatic and natural simplicity, making it a real joy to listen to.

Here you may find some live impression of a performance, which preceded the recording.

CD release concert Hildegard von Bingenpicture Hildegardnoten

Kiss of Peace is the title of the youngest CD of Ensemble Per-Sonat with Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano and bells, and Baptiste Romain, medieval vielles and bowed lyre, which was recorded in the Benedictine monastery of St. Stephan in Augsburg.
At this place the two musicians now also presented the newly released recording in a concert on November 3rd to their audience.

Listen here to an excerpt of this beautiful music!

Lorenzo Ghielmi: gold in Parispicture Handel-CD

The Diapason d‘Or de l‘année is one of the best-respected distinctions in the world of classical music, which is awarded to musicians for the best CD's of a whole year. The jury is composed of reviewers of the leading French music-magazine Diapason and of the broadcast station France Musique. Lorenzo Ghielmi was distincted with this award on November 28th in Paris for the CD Handel organ concerti Volume II which he recorded with his ensemble La Divina Armonia.

The presentation was broadcast live in Radio France. Listen here to a recording of this programme in the archives of Radio France.

Under this link you may find some impression of the CD.

October 2013

Per-Sonat: new CD Hildegard von Bingenpic Hildegard-CD

Kiss of Peace is the title of the youngest CD of ensemble Per-Sonat.
Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano and bells, and Baptiste Romain, Medieval fiddles and bowed lyre, recorded songs from the Dendermonde manuscript of Hildegard von Bingen, the great saint, musician and healer of the Middleages. For this the musicians played from reproductions of the original neume-notation, in which a lot of interpretatorical details become obvious, which would be unrepresentable in modern editions - but are quite important for an authentic performance.

And the CD is really beautiful: at the same time meditative and full of life, devoutly and inebriant, it shows Hildegard's music in profound intensity and offers not only an acoustic feast of Middleages to the expert, but also a delightful bath of sound to the amateur-listener.

Here you may gain an impression of the qualities of this CD!

New at Sonus: Laurence Dreyfus and PHANTASMBild Phantasm

PHANTASM - that's a dream in regard to sound, musical tension, purity of intonation and striking vividness - a true enjoyment of listening in concerts and on CDs. We're pleased to represent this consort of viols and his leader, the well-known viol player, musicologist and professor at Oxford Laurence Dreyfus internationally henceforth!

The ensemble, that during the nearly 20 years of its existence performed on almost all the famous festivals and stages in Europe, the US and Asia and whose CDs were awarded with numerous lauds and prices, is not only engaged with the classical consort-music of Renaissance and early Baroque - with an emphasize on the English repertoire - but shines also with works of Bach and even Mozart.

Welcome to Sonus!

Don't hesitate to contact us about programmes and concerts of the ensemble - and experience here, how immensely intoxicating and spirited a gamba-consort is able to play!

David Munderloh became Swiss!Bild David Munderloh

After having spent 13 years living in Switzerland, David Munderloh and his family received their Swiss citizenship in October, complete with the red Swiss passport.


At the same time we want to announce several new videos of the tenor on YouTube – like this one, presenting an excerpt of a solo-recital with songs of John Dowland, given by David Munderloh in August at the Tage Alter Musik Basel.
The recital garnered praise from the critics: „The songs are of strong, inner intensity. Munderloh shows the fine art of a flexible vocal technique, which although never forced procures deep emotional expression.“

Ensemble Villancico in MexicoBild Ensemble Villancico

It's becoming colder in Sweden - and Ensemble Villancico from Stockholm leaves for the South.

The musicians of the group under direction of Peter Pontvik are devoted to Latin-American music of Renaissance and Baroque, and performed this sort of repertoire from 22nd October until 1st November more or less at the original places: Ensemble Villancico was on tour in the framework of the Festival International Cervantino in Mexico.
There they played at places like Mérida, Yucatán, Guanajuato and several other cities. In every case with quite comfortable temperatures!

Hana Blažíková: new solo-CDBild CD Hana-CordArte

Longingly awaited by many of her fans now it is released: Hana Blažíková's new solo-CD.
Together with the exquisitely differentiated playing three musicians of Ensemble CordArte the young Czech soprano recorded for this CD unknown German cantatas of the Baroque, by composers like Johann Schop, Johann Philipp Fortsch, Samuel Ebart, Dieterich Buxtehude and others.
Two instrumental works complete the programme into a really felicitous recording.

And apart from the real treasures, the listeners will discover amongst these unknown works, Hana Blažíková presents herself in her best form. Not only is her wonderful clear and bright voice per se absolutely fascinating, but she also succeeds in transforming text and ideas of this compositions into sound in a technically and musically perfect way.

The CD, which was released on PanClassics, is available since begin of October

Here you may get a first impression.

September 2013

Fede e Amor: new solo CD of Alex PotterBild Fede e Amor CD

Fede e Amor, Alex Potter's latest CD is a compilation of Baroque music from the court of the Habsburg Emperors.
Here we find works of Fux, Caldara, Conti and others - most of which are world premiere recordings. This exciting repertoire is realised in a quite exceptional manner with the beautiful voice of the countertenor Alex Potter, supported by the two virtuoso trombones of Simen Van Mechelen and Catherine Motuz and the skillful playing of Ensemble La Fontaine.

Alex expresses phrases with meaning and sings with impeccable intonation. In this CD we experience the young English singer with his beautiful round and floating voice demonstrating anew how thoroughly he reflects on every note before singing, creating something which is both beautiful and deeply moving.
In short: fascinating repertoire delightfully performed.

Be enchanted with this extract from his CD!!

Diapason d'Or de l'année for Lorenzo GhielmiBild Händel-CD

Admittedly we've come to expect from the CD's of Lorenzo Ghielmi and his ensemble La Divina Armonia to be decorated with prizes, in the meantime.
But the youngest release of the Ensemble, Handel organ concerti volume II, received a special honour: not only the Diapason d‘Or, which is a monthly award of the French journal Diapason, and which the ensembles got already for their first Handel-CD, but this time it is additionally the Diapason d‘Or de l‘année - a distinction which honours the best CDs of a whole year, granted by a jury of reviewers of Diapason and France Musique.

On 28th November Lorenzo Ghielmi will accept this award in Paris, and for this occasion, which will be broadcasted live by Radio France, he'll come up with the next attraction by playing a movement from a so far unknown suite of Georg Frederic Handel, which was buried in a private Italian Archive for centuries and only recently rediscovered.

Here you may follow the decision of the jury.

New Bach-CD: Dominik Wörner and il GardellinoBild CD il Gardellino

The complete four solo cantatas for bass in historically informed practice on one CD: that actually is a novum, even on the mostly grazed field of Bach-recordings. Il Gardellino recorded together with the bass Dominik Wörner not only the three sacred cantatas BWV 82, BWV 158 and BWV 56, but also the secular one, Amore traditore, BWV 203.

From this resulted a CD, which inspires not only with its technically mastership, the deliciously and poetically played soli, but also with its refreshing naturalness: no put on vain effects, no speed records, no exaggerations. Here Bach really sounds like Bach - not like Baroque-pop or high-performance sports.
And Dominik Wörner succeeded with his colourful voice, which he controls perfectly, to feel the texts of the cantatas so detailed, that even a non-German listener should have little difficulties to understand the content.

A great recording, of which you may get an impression here.

Per-Sonat and La Reverdie went RomanicBild B'Rock

Even two ensembles for Medieval music, represented by Sonus, were invited for this year's edition of the renowned festival Voix et Route Romane in Alsace, specialised in music of the Middleages, which had chosen for the motto "gardens" this time.

On 7th September Per-Sonat under direction of Sabine Lutzenberger played its fascinating programme around the Roman de la Rose in the church of Saint-Arbogast in Surbourg.

On 14th September ensemble laReverdie caused the church Saint-Léger in Guebwiller with the wonderful pieces of The twelve gardens of St. Catherine of Bologna to reverberate.

Ensemble Villancico performs in VilniusBild Ensemble Villancico

Latin-American flair in chilly Lithuania: on 28th September our wonderful Swedish Ensemble Villancico under direction of its leader Peter Pontvik made this possible.

Together with the Lithuanian Brevis Choir & Consort the ensemble brought in the Festival Banchetto Musicale in Vilnius music from the South of the American continent to Nothern Europe - combined with the corresponding feeling...

August 2013

Concerto Palatino at the Tage Alter Musik BaselBild Concerto Palatino

Polychorality alla Milanese and alla Veneziana: that reminds spontaneously of a visit in an Italian restaurant, but brought even more sensual pleasure - also of the esthetic sort - to the visitors of a performance of Concerto Palatino under the direction of Bruce Dickey on 23rd August in the opening concert of the Tage Alter Musik in Basel, Switzerland.

With gorgeous works of the Venetian polychorality and not less splendorous pieces of the Milanese canzon-motet tradition the ensemble fascinated its audience in the church of St. Martin with „opulent standards of interpretation“, as a review of the concert was entitled.

Joshua Rifkin and The Bach Ensemble in ArnstadtBild Bach Ensemble

It's already something like a home-match, when Joshua Rifkin and the musicians of the Bach Ensemble arrive in Thuringian Arnstadt every year at begin of August, to rehearse, communicate and perform there in the Bach:Sommer.

This year it was from 8th to 11th August, when the musicians played in Arnstadt and Wandersleben for the fourth time. On the programme there stood diverse concerts, but also a listening-workshop for children, public rehearsals and a talk-event with Joshua Rifkin - and of course the great summer feast, where musicians and visitors took the opportunity to casual conversation.
In the concerts the Bach Ensemble presented in the first line music of Johann Sebastian Bach, but also several motets from the collection Florilegium Portense.

Joshua Rifkin and his Bach Ensemble are also invited for the Bach:Sommer 2014 already, which will take place from 7th to 10th August.

Ordo Virtutum in UtrechtBild Ordo Virtutum

In its debut-concert at the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht Ensemble Ordo Virtutum under direction of Stefan Johannes Morent presented on 25th August music of Hermanus Contractus, a monk and composer, who lived in the monastery of Reichenau in 11th century.
Hermanus Contractus, a physically heavily handicapped universal genius, was called "the miracle of the century" by his contemporaries, and his works were praised as well because of their mastership, as of their extraordinary sweetness.

Here you may have a look on the youtube-trailer of the CD with the music of Hermanus, which was released in June on the label Raumklang.

Lorenzo Ghielmi on tourBild Lorenzo Ghielmi

It was an intens month for Lorenzo Ghielmi: after an organ-recital in Milan on 3rd August he played a concert in the Festival de Valloire (France) together with Jan De Winne (traverso), before performing on the historical organ of Corsanico/Lucca.
On 17th August there was a concert at the Mainzer Orgelsommer and afterwards he traveled to Lithuania to direct a one week's masterclass for organists.

And also September started quite busy for Lorenzo Ghielmi: Together with our Flemish ensemble il Gardellino he recorded several Cantatas of Bach with obligato organ part. The CD will be released next year on the Early Music label Passacaille.

B'Rock and René Jacobs in Beaune and Brugespicture B'Rock

With Handel's Orlando our Flemish baroque orchestra B'Rock under direction of René Jacobs got enthusiastic reactions from audience and reviewers already in 2012, when they presented it in a scenic production at the opera La Monnaie/De Munt in Brussels.
The same opera was performed now on 29th July at the Festival de Beaune in France in a concert version, and on 2nd August the production glamorously opened the 50th edition of the MAfestival in Bruges, with singers like Bejun Mehta, Sophie Karthäuser or Konstantin Wolff.
Listen here to a live-impression from the concert in the Concertgebouw Bruges!

The successful collaboration between B'Rock and René Jacobs also will be pursued in 2014 with different projects. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information!

July 2013

Early Music academy Kloster Michaelsteinpicture Margot Oitzinger

Another time singers and instrumentalists, spezialised in Early Music or willing to get a taste of the genre, are given the opportunity of doing so in Kloster Michaelstein in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. From 22nd to 27th July there will take place the annual summer academy Early Music with tutors like Margot Oitzinger and Peter Kooij, Xenia Löffler of the Amphion Bläseroktett and other musicians focussed on historically informed practice.

Invited are professional musicians as well as students and ambitious amateurs.

For further information please click here.

Early Music courses in Urbinopicture Charles Toet

The Early Music courses in Urbino belong to the most dignified adresses for historically informed practice in Italy since more than four decades. And it is a tradition already, that also several musicians of our agency rank among the lecturers.

This year the courses last from 19th to 28th July and amongst the tutors there are Claudia and Livia Caffagni from laReverdie, working on repertoire of the Middleages, as well as Bruce Dickey, cornet, and Charles Toet, trombone, of Concerto Palatino.

Lorenzo Ghielmi in Granada and Londonpicture Lorenzo Ghielmi

Lorenzo Ghielmi performed an organ concert with works of Italian composers on 4th July in the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza in Granada, Spain.
In the church Santos Justo y Pastor he enthused his listeners with music of nearly forgotten masters of the Italian Baroque like Bernardo Storace, Domenico Zippoli or Giovanni Andrea Fioroni; but also Girolamo Frescobaldi was honoured.

The concert was broadcast live by radio RNE-Radio Clásica.

From 11th to 20th July Lorenzo Ghielmi joins the jury of the competitions in the context of the St. Albans International Organ Festival, which celebrates its 50th jubilee this year.
Here he also was the soloist of a concert under direction of Rachel Podger on 16th July.

il Gardellino in Santiago de Compostelapicture il Gardellino

In the Festival Via Stellae in the Spanish place of pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela our Flemish ensemble il Gardellino was invited to play a concert on 6th July.

In the Igrexa da Compañía Jan De Winne (traverso), François Fernandez (violin), Vittorio (viola da gamba) and Lorenzo Ghielmi (fortepiano) interpreted Bach's Musical Offering in their characteristically poetic and meaningful way.

Incidentally: this piece will be published before long by the Early Music label Passacaille with il Gardellino on CD.

Here you may listen to an excerpt.

June 2013

Per-Sonat in Granadapicture Per-Sonat Granada

A gorgeous framework for a wonderful concert of Per-Sonat with Sabine Lutzenberger, voice and bells, and Baptiste Romain, fiddles, offered the luxuriously decorated 16th-century church of the Monasterio de San Jerónimo in Granada, Spain.
Invited by the Goethe-Institute Madrid Per-Sonat presented to the audience of the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada in the sold out church on 22nd July music of Hildegard von Bingen.

In September eventually the eagerly awaited CD of the ensemble Kiss of Peace - songs from the Dendermonde-Manuscript will be published.

Here you can get a little preview.

Live broadcast: David Munderloh in Versaillespicture David Munderloh

On 29th June the French tv-programme Arte broadcasted live a concert in the Chapelle Royale of the Chateau de Versailles with Les Concert des Nations under direction of Jordi Savall with works by Lully, Handel, Vivaldi and Bach.

Tenor soloist was David Munderloh, who - thanks to his versatile and richely coloured, beautifully focussed voice - perfectly knew to adapt his sound to the diverse stylistic requirements of the different repertoires.

You can listen to some excerpts of the concert on Youtube now.

New CD with Linda Nicholsonpicture Kuhlau-CD

Rare repertoire, masterly interpretation: three of the Grandes Sonates pour Piano et Flûte of Friedrich Daniel Rudolph Kuhlau (1786-1832) can be found on a new CD, which Linda Nicholson recorded together with the flutist Charles Zebley for the label fra bernardo.

The works, written in the late 1820s and demanding highly virtuosic skills from both musicians, are performed here on authentical instruments of the time, of course. So Linda Nicholson plays an original fortepiano by Conrad Graf from about 1828 and Charles Zebley uses a copy of a traverso by Wilhelm Liebel from the early 19th century. Two of the Sonatas are world premiere recordings on historical instruments.

Here you may gain an impression of the music.

L'Art du Bois with Artikulator at the Bachfest Leipzigpicture L'Art du Bois

The piece nearly is a classic amongst the concerts for children in the field of Early Music already: the Artikulator, a scenic play which raises gales of laughter from young and old, transfers at the same time a quite important matter: music is able to express things without words, which couldn't even be thought verbally.
Written by Agnes Dorwarth especially for L'Art du Bois the Artikulator was given on 15th June in the Bachfest Leipzig, with the collaboration of the author and composer herself.

Here it was interesting to observe, that beneath the families in the audience there also sat many elderly visitors without children - who were, as we experienced, belonging to the fan community, the ensemble had attraced with its concert in the Bachfest 2012.
And they had lots of fun, too...

CD Alex Potter with Concerto Copenhagenpicture Alex Potter

This interpretation of Bach's Mass in b minor probably will make a name of itself - because there aren't many ensembles in the field of Early Music, convincing with such a special and characteristic manner of playing and phrasing, as Concerto Copenhagen with Lars Ulrik Mortensen.

After a highly praised tour with this opus summum the ensemble also recorded it recently - with only ten singers: five soloist, five ripieni.
The Alto solo-part is sung by countertenor Alex Potter, who shows - within all the vitality and freshness of the recording - highly ethereous fineness in it. An Agnus Dei to fall on your knees for!

Look forward to the publication of the CD in spring 2014!

Ensemble Villancico at Stockholm Early Music Festivalpicture Ensemble Villancico

South American music in the far North as a home game - this quadrature of the circle succeeded to manage Ensemble Villancico in the closing concert of the Stockholm Early Music Festival, the most important Early Music-event of the Northern countries, on 9th June in the German Church in Stockholm.

All the pieces performed came from Ecuador, from a manuscript which probably was written in the 1680s, and which Peter Pontvik, leader of the ensemble, had detected in a convent in Ibarra some years ago and edited for Villancico.
The evening in Stockholm furthermore was opened by an Ecuadorian ensemble with traditional instruments of the Andes.

In November this programme of Villancico will be published on a CD.

Listen here already to a piece of this colourful and intoxicating repertoire!

May 2013

Per-Sonat and il Gardellino in Regensburgpicture il Gardellino Regensburg

The festival Tage Alter Musik in Regensburg belongs under the most important Early Music events in Europe and thus we were very happy to present several ensembles there this year.

On Saturday 18th May il Gardellino performed in the Neuhaussaal in large formation a programme around Johann Friedrich Fasch under the direction of Ryo Terakado, violin: splendour of the Baroque with trumpets and timpani!
The Bayerische Rundfunk recorded the concert and will broadcast it before long on BR Klassik.

Here you may get an impression of the concert.

On Monday 20th May ensemble Per-Sonatpicture Per-Sonat under direction of Sabine Lutzenberger presented pieces from the Augsburger Liederbuch. The seven musicians sung and played vocal and instrumental music from this most precious manuscript of the Fugger-town, of composers as Heinrich Isaac, Josquin Desprez, Jacob Obrecht and Paul Hofhaimer.
Listen here what they did exactly!

Furthermore Per-Sonat was invited to perform at the opening of the festival on 18th May in the Historische Salzstadel - here with several works of the French repertoire of the Middleages.

In the opening-concert of the festival bass Joel Frederiksen sang the Requiem of Mozart with the Regensburger Domspatzen and Concerto Köln.

On 21st May the Tage Alter Musik eventually went into overtime with Ryo Terakado: in a masterclass with this violinist at the Hochschule für Katholische Kirchenmusik the students got the opportunity to work on their impressions of the festival in a practical way and under competent instruction.

Joshua Rifkin decorated with Lichtenberg medalpicture Joshua Rifkin

The Lichtenberg medal, the most important award of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen this year was granted to Professor Joshua Rifkin, conductor, musicologist, harpsichordist and pianist, as well as director of the famous Bach Ensemble.
The price is given every year to an outstanding and reputated researcher, and Joshua Rifkin is the first musician receiving it - what means an extra-honour in itself.

On 24th May the medal was awarded in a public conference at the University of Göttingen, by Stefan Tangermann, president of the Academy.
The Laudatio was held by musicologist Martin Staehelin; but also Joshua Rifkin himself addressed to the audience with a speech about „Bachs choir: between personal and paradigmatic history“

Please don't hesitate to contact us for interview-requests or further information!

L'Art du Bois and King Salomo in Göttingenpicture L'Art du Bois

After the grandiose success of the Articulator, their programme for children and youngsters, ensemble L'Art du Bois this year was invited by the Händel-Festspiele Göttingen to develop a new programme for the young generation: In Herr Block and Fräulein Flöte in the garden of King Salomon the young musicians and the young audience start for an adventurous travel in a mystic tympanum - with many surprises and a lot of music, in which also the audience is involved.
The concept of the concert: detect music with all your senses - and through making it oneself!

On 18th May this programme experienced its premiere in the context of the Händel-Festspiele Göttingen.

Gold for La Divina Armoniapicture CD Händel

And another Diapason d'or for La Divina Armonia under direction of Lorenzo Ghielmi: Also the second CD with organ concerti by Georg Friedrich Händel of the ensemble was awarded with this treasured distinction of the French music magazine Diapason.
And really one doesn't listen very often to these attractive works in such a fresh and light, but at the same time very intense and energetic way, as they're performed on this CD. Moreover the organ part is played by Lorenzo Ghielmi absolutely immaculate in musical and technical respects, as well as unbelievable cantabile, also in the improvised passages of the works.


By the way: in May 2014 the ensemble will tour with this and other organ concerti through Germany and Italy. We would be happy to provide you with informations about possible concerts within the series.

Here you may get a little impression of the CD. According to the season with cuckoo and nightingale...

April 2013

Fresh sounds of the Middleages: laReverdiepicture laReverdie

New at Sonus: The Italian ensemble laReverdie.

It's already more than 25 years, that the group is performing their lively and always perfectly informed interpretations of music of the Middleages on the stages in Europe and beyond, and we're very happy to represent laReverdie henceforth in Germany.

Originally founded by two pairs of sisters in Northern Italy, in the meanwhile the ensemble also works together with several other musicians - depending on the repertoire -, amongst others with cornettist Doron David Sherwin, well-known from Concerto Palatino. The musicians are engaged with music from the Middleages up to early Renaissance, for instance with anonymous masters of 10th century, Hildegard von Bingen, Walther von der Vogelweide or Jacob Obrecht, Johannes Ciconia, Guillaume Dufay and Heinrich Isaac.

Welcome to Sonus!

Here you'll find a first sound example!

il Gardellino celebrates Faschpicture il Gardellino

Intoxicating interpretations and a lot of applause for il Gardellino and their concert with music of Johann Friedrich Fasch from the Zerbster Conzert-Stube in the closing concert of the International Fasch-Tage in Zerbst on 21st of April.

On the programme there were several Concerti for various instruments, amongst others the world premiere of an only recently found and edited concerto for hobo and orchestra, with Marcel Ponseele as soloist on the hobo.

New CD with Sabine Lutzenberger and Joel Frederiksenpicture CD Oswald

Oswald von Wolkenstein - reflections: that's the title of a new CD, wich Sabine Lutzenberger and Joel Frederiksen recorded together with tenor and saxophonist Bernd Oliver Fröhlich for the label harmonia mundi and which was published recently.

In this the three musicians started a very individual debate with the singer-poet of the Middleages, in which the joy in alterating, arranging, playing with the work of Oswald is more important than a pure historically informed performance of his songs. In this they wanted to deal with the special creativity of Oswald in their own music-making.
The result is a fascinating portrait, which creates by fading in and out the elements of historically informed practice, by intuitive and spontanous ideas of the musicians a totally new approach to Oswald's songs.

A challenging experience. Try out here!

March 2013

21st march: European Day of Early MusicLogo EM-day

It’s not only the beginning of spring and the 328th birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach, we celebrate on March 21st, but this year for the first time also another feast: the European Day of Early Music.
This special day is the result of an initiative of the REMA/EEMN (European Early Music Network) and its president Peter Pontvik, conductor and leader of Ensemble Villancico. The intention of this day is to increase awareness of the music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque and bring it to the attention of a wider audience throughout Europe - promoting the musical heritage of Europe.

Under the patronage of Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou, member of the European Commission,diverse concerts and other events took place across Europe. The REMA/EEMN offered the option to follow many of these events on live streaming, starting from their website.

Of course there were several Sonus-musicians active in these concerts and broadcasts. For instance Hana Blazikova and Peter Kooij in a St. Matthew passion with Collegium Vocale Gent under the direction of Philippe Herreweghe in the Concertgebouw Bruges, already on March 20th.

All over Europe friends of Early Music could follow a concert of Concerto Palatino, which was recorded by the Bayerische Rundfunk - Studio Franken in January, and now broadcast on 21st March at 6:05 pm by all stations of the European Broadcast Union.

In Bingen am Rhein, at the authentic domain of Hildegard von Bingen, ensemble Ordo Virtutum under the direction of Stefan Morent presented, together with Ars Choralis Köln and Maria Jonas at 8 pm music of the Great Mystic, as well as of Hermanus Contractus. The concert was recorded by radio.

Click here to listen to interesting information by Peter Pontvik and other wellknown personalities from the world of Early Music on the European Day of Early Music.

B‘Rock starts Mozart ProjectBild B´Rock

To perform all symphonies and several other works by Mozart, that's the noble goal of B‘Rock´s The Mozart Project, which will be divided over several years. Of course as authentically as possible, and without doubt in the intense and intoxicating manner, which we’re used to enjoying in B’Rock’s concerts.

Entiteld The Mozart Project 1 this production started on 14th, 15th and 16th March with three concerts in Hasselt, Antwerp and Bruges. On the programme: Mozarts 1st and 16th symphony and his Jeunehomme-pianoconcerto, as well as a symphony of Joseph Haydn.

The programme was directed by concert master Rodolfo Richter; Alexander Melnikov played the fortepiano.

Gerlinde Sämann performs with RIAS and Dresdner KreuzchorBild Gerlinde

The Requiem of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, as well as several Cantatas of Dieterich Buxtehude were performed in a concert of the RIAS-chamberchoir and the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin under the direction of Hans-Christoph Rademann on March 1st, in which Gerlinde Sämann sang the solo soprano.

The concert was broadcast live by Deutschlandradio Kultur from the Große Saal of the Konzerthaus Berlin.

On 9th March Gerlinde presented herself in the famous Kreuzkirche in Dresden: with the Dresdner Kreuzchor under Roderich Kreile, she sang the St. John Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach.

La Divina Armonia in Milan, Salzburg and Hall in TirolBild La Divina

In the Basilica San Simpliciano in Milan ensemble La Divina Armonia under Lorenzo Ghielmi played a concert for the Passiontide on 16th March at 9 pm, performing music of Bach, Biber, Merula and Sancez.

Dieterich Buxtehude's impressive cycle Membra Jesu Nostri and several cantatas by the same composer are on the programme of two concerts in Austria, in which the tenor part is sung by David Munderloh:
On Saturday, 23rd March, the ensemble gave a concert of these works in the Große Aula of the University of Salzburg, invited by the Salzburger Bachgesellschaft at 7:30 pm.
On Palm Sunday, 24th March thy performed the same programme at the Osterfestival Hall in Tirol in the Salzlager at 8:15 pm.

Good Friday in JapanBild Dominik Wörner

Once again baritone Dominik Wörner has been invited to perform with the Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki in the traditional Good Friday-concerts on 29th and 30th March in Tokyo and Saitama. These concerts rank under the most important musical events in Japan every year.

On the programme this time: Bach’s St. John Passion in the version of 1749.

Hiro Kurosaki: St. John Passion in MadridBild Hiro Kurosaki

Also in Madrid a Sonus-musician is involved in a leading position for a perfomance of the St. John Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach: the Capilla Real de Madrid starts a Bach-cycle with two concerts of this passion on Palm Sunday-weekend, 23th and 24th March.

As concert master in this performances, which are deep-seated in the cultural life of Madrid, Hiro Kurosaki will lead the orchestra.

February 2013

New CD of Amphion!Bild Pleyel-CD

During his lifetime Ignaz Joseph Pleyel (1757-1831) belonged to the most famous and popular composers of his time. But in the course of the 19th century, his wide and diversified oeuvre was partly forgotten, while nowadays he’s reknowned primarily for the pianos, he built.

The Amphion Wind Octet now devotes on its youngest CD to his music for winds, released in February for the label Accent. The three Partitas and the Sextet c minor, which are recorded here, show really stirring, virtuosic, and also deeply impressive music, which in addition is performed in the perfect manner, which we expect from the nine musicians of Amphion.

First reviews are quite enthousiastic, for instance the SWR proclaimed: "As always the ensemble performs on historical instruments, enormously accurate, perfect in intonation and style. Furthermore there’s a brillant and nethertheless warm sound, with a range of coulours and dynamics, which one might seek on modern instruments often in vain".

Here you may listen to a subtly and perfectly played Eccosoise from the CD.

New CD with David MunderlohBild Hayes-CD

Also William Hayes (1708-1777) belongs to the many composers, which were well-known and popular in their time, but are nearly forgotten today - though Hayes, then living and teaching in Oxford, left an enormous oeuvre, especially for voices.
Included in these works there's also the ode Orpheus & Euridice from 1735, as well as the Six Cantatas set to Musick, which were published in 1748 in London. Both works now were rediscovered and recorded on this CD by British lutenist and ensemble leader Anthony Rooley.

On this recording, released by the label Glossa, one can hear tenor David Munderloh along with The SCB Hayes Players, Evelyn Tubb, Ulrike Hofbauer, Daniel Cabena and others.

Listen here to one of David's solo arias on the CD.

Dowland and Schubert with Emma Kirkby and Joel FrederiksenBild Joel Emma

Masters of Song: this was the title of a concert on 21st January at 8 pm, in which Dame Emma Kirkby and Joel Frederiksen put together songs of John Dowland and Franz Schubert. And this combination of Renaissance and Romantic, of high soprano and profound bass, worked very well, as a review from the Süddeutsche Zeitung emphasised: "When the bright, still finely yarned, ageless soprano of the Grand Dame of Early Music meets the profound bass of Joel Frederiksen, then this has a very special effect".

A part of the concert series of Joel Frederiksen in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich, the two singers were accompanied by Michal Gondko on lute and romantic guitar, and Domen Marincic on viola da gamba and cello.

B’Rock: debut in EstoniaBild B´Rock

With two concerts in Tallin and Tartu baroque orchestra B‘Rock acquired an enthousiastic fan base in Estonia.

They performed a programme called 8 seasons with Vivaldi’s Le quattro stagioni and John Cage’s String Quartet in four Parts (arranged for baroque orchestra by Frank Agsteribbe). This technical enormously demanding programme is also available on CD.

Furthermore there were concerts in Brussels, Lille, Potsdam and Rotterdam with the same music.

Here you can get a little impression of this programme.

Baroque Academy with Peter KooijPeter Kooij

Works of Campra, Boismoitier, Bach, Telemann and other Baroque composers were the subject of a masterclass on interpretation with baritone Peter Kooij, Anne-Catherine Bucher and Stephan Schultz of Le Concert Lorraine from Mebruary 27th until March 3rd.

In Metz, France, students and young professionals worked for five days on German and French cantatas of the Baroque, focussing primarily on aspects such as period style ornamentation, articulation and rhetoric.
In a closing concert in the Arsenal in Metz they presented the results of their work to the public.

January 2013

Echoes from Saint Mark’s in NurembergBild Concerto Palatino

Some echoes of the music which may have been performed in Saint Mark’s in Venice around 1600, friends of Early Music did enjoy in a concert of Concerto Palatino on 23rd January in the Aufseß-Saal of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg.

Invited by the museum and the Bayerische Rundfunk - Studio Franken the ensemble played a pure instrumental programme with gorgeous and beaming virtuous music of composers like Gabrieli, Trombetti, Grillo or Palestrina.

Following the concert members of the group held a three-days-workshop for cornettists and trombonists at the Musikhochschule Nuremberg.

The concert was recorded by the Bayerischer Rundfunk and is broadcast on 21st March at 6:05 pm as contribution of this radio station to the European Day of Early Music - joined by all member-stations of the European Broadcast Union!

New Bach-CD of il Gardellino and Dominik Wörner recordedBild Il Gardellino

After their first successful collaboration in October 2012 with several concerts and a CD-production Dominik Wörner and il Gardellino now continued their work together: they recorded all the solo cantatas for bass of Johann Sebastian Bach - thus BWV 56, 82, 158 and 203 - and performed them in two concerts on 19th and 20th January in Kirchheim and Ditzingen in Germany.

Both productions will be released at the Belgian Early-Music-label Passacaille, probably in summer 2013.

Lorenzo Ghielmi on DeutschlandfunkBild Lorenzo Ghielmi

On 27th January at 9:05 pm you may listen to a concert of Lorenzo Ghielmi on Deutschlandfunk.
It is a recording of a concert within the Musikfest Bremen, which took place on 6th September 2012 in North-German Cappel, where Lorenzo performed works of Georg Böhm, Nicolaus Bruhns and Johann Sebastian Bach at the Arp-Schnitger-organ of the church St. Peter and Paul, which was built by the famous organ-builder in 1679/80, and is classified as the best conserved organ of Schnitger.

And you’ll recognise in the recording, that Lorenzo enjoyed this fantastic instrument very much...

December 2012

Masterclass polyphony with maestro Van Nevelpicture Paul

Polyphony 1200-1600 - sources, notation and interpretation: people interested in this sort of music hark!

Paul Van Nevel invites every weekend from 12th/13th January until 9th/10th February for a masterclass on this topics into the bibliothec of his house in Brussels.
The event is free for musicians, melomanes, musicologists and interested amateurs.

Don‘t hesitate to contact us for further information!

New CD for friends of the cornetBild CDCanzoni

In fact is is an organ-CD, which Liuwe Tamminga, organist of Concerto Palatino published with the Flemish label Passacaille. But in several of the pieces he‘s joined by two other musicians: Bruce Dickey and Doron David Sherwin, the two cornettists of Concerto Palatino - and two of world‘s top-virtuosos on this instrument. This they‘re giving proof of also on this CD. Thus the recording is either attractive for friends of the cornet.

In this recording you'll enjoy canzoni, ricercari, motets and toccatti of Giovanni Gabrieli, performed at the magnificent organs of the church San Petronio in Bologna, native city of the historical Concerto Palatino.

Here you may listen to a short impression of the cornetto-delight on the CD.

Peter Pontvik on the Bavarian broadcast BR-KlassikBild Peter

On 15 december at 11:05 o‘clock the distribution Meine Musik introduces the Swedish researcher, musician and early-music-lobbyist Peter Pontvik, director of Ensemble Villancico.
Dr. Ursula Adamski-Störmer, chief of the classical programme BR-Klassik in Nürnberg, discusses with Peter about his career, his musical preferences and persuasions - exotic impressions and surprises guaranteed!

And even if you don‘t live within the transmission area of the Bayerische Rundfunk you can listen to this distribution on the webpage of the BR.

Click here to arrive at the podcast.

Joshua Rifkin as guest of Mrs PolyphonyBild Joshua

Joshua Rifkin, American musician, musicologist and researcher is staying at the Huis van de Polyfonie in Leuven, Belgium, at the moment.

This house, founded and financed by the Belgian Alamire-Foundation together with the Catholic University of Leuven, is a sort of mixture between research-lab, rehearsal- and concertvenue, where musicians, musicologists and people of other disciplines get the possibility to meet, discuss, try out or whatever they need to do, to develope new projects or research for new programmes.
From time to time the organisation also invites prominent personalities of early music for residences at this wonderful building, situated in the Abdij van het Park, to give new incentive to the Flemish and international world of polyphony.
In this context Joshua Rifkin is staying in Leuven now for three months, researching, rehearsing - and enjoying Flemish atmosphere.

Christmas concert in Kloster MichaelsteinBild Hana

Unknown and quite Christmassy repertoire sounded at a concert on december 8 in the music-academy of Kloster Michaelstein, in which our singers Hana Blažíkova, soprano, Margot Oitzinger, alto, and Peter Kooij, bass, sung the solo-parts.

Under the direction of Ludger Rémy they performed the Christmasoratorio 1748 of Georg Gebel, freshly edited in Michaelstein, as well as a cantata of Johann Philipp Käfer.

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